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Effective SEO efforts imply data harvesting. Whenever one works with search engines, info is an invaluable and main asset. The problem is that in case one sends frequent, multiple, and heavy requests, the address will soon be blacklisted. A seo proxy, as an intermediary server functioning between a SEO specialist and the website of interest, is the tool to avoid such an obstacle. That is why companies, for instance, buy residential IPs and apply them as geo targeted proxies in partnership with trusted proxy websites. It is a way to process private SEO-related data harvesting.

How are geo targeted proxies used in SEO?

The questions we will provide answers below are “How are proxies used for seo?” as well as “What are the reasons to buy seo proxies?”. There are five main points to apply for intermediate IP addresses, such as:

  1. Outcompeting rivals with geo targeted proxies.
  2. Covering multi markets.
  3. Caching potential.
  4. Better exposure on social media.
  5. Blackhat SEO.

The last item is unethical. As a company encouraging ethical business practices, we cannot encourage such techniques. However, we mention these methods with a warning to refrain from their application due to negative consequences and responsibility before the law. Let us take a closer look at the details of every item mentioned above.


1. Outcompeting rivals with geo targeted proxies.


Knowledge is power. Being aware of competitors' SEO practices and positions against this backdrop enables businesses to be ahead in races and keep the SERP position high. To buy seo proxies from a trusted proxy website (for instance, to buy residential IPs) means being enabled to add a dynamic layer of privacy to a web scraper. As an outcome, one is in the right position to:

  • Analyze any search engine as well as pages to acquire keywords crucial for bringing prospects.
  • Monitor rankings regularly.
  • Grab metadata. 


2. Multi-market coverage 


Results displayed by search engines are determined by IP geolocation. They differ depending on a geo. The best SEO proxies enable users to “imitate” a particular city and affiliation with a particular provider, which makes it possible to gain insights into situations across a variety of regions. Relying on them, one can:

  1. Generate localized content.
  2. Optimize ad campaigns for specific geographic niches.
  3. Tailor SEO efforts by using various keywords.


3. Caching potential 


Load times matter a lot for high-quality SEO. The best proxies for SEO are to be adapted as the so-called “cache proxies” in this scenario and be effectively deployed in greater virtual proximity to the end-users. Practically, one’s page content will be stored in a cached condition with proxies as the basis. Potential benefits include: 

  • Lightened traffic related to networks.
  • Enhanced responsiveness.
  • Adequate network latency.


4. Better exposure on social media 


Social platform activities should be mentioned when it comes to proxies for SEO agencies and SMM specialists. It is common practice, in this domain, to run different multiple social accounts concurrently from the same place. The problem is that social media sites do actually log the IP of every account to ensure that they are run by individual users and that there are no bots involved.

What are SEO methods to succeed with geo targeted proxies

Mechanism of seamless access to multiple social media resources via numerous proxy servers

Geo targeted proxies provided by trusted proxy websites provide control to each account on the basis of automatically rotating IPs to lull the vigilance practiced by social networks. This reason alone suffices to buy residential IPs to improve SMM efficiency and drive more traffic to a web presence.


5. Blackhat SEO techniques


Utilization of unethical technologies becomes less popular as search engines apply AI-based analytics to reveal such methods and put lower in SERP sites that use them.

Proxies SEO covers unscrupulous online techniques:

  1. Shady links. Automated data collection is used to scan and gather link-related insights from relevant pages. After link-building opportunities are recognized, a proxy-protected program is used to publish comments and seed links.  
  2. Simulated traffic. Mala fide SEO leverages a pool of backlinks from pages with an appropriate reputation. Then the initiator seeks to buy SEO proxy solutions with IP rotation to protect special web scripts. They will click those links later.

Dexodata is a trusted data harvesting ecosystem that operates with full compliance with KYC and AML policies, hence we ask our users for ID verification and suppress attempts to run unethical SEO practices.


Dexodata geo targeted proxies


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