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  • All types of IPs around the world in one self-service dashboard

    • Residential

    • Datacenter

    • Mobile

  • Teamwork with unique connection. Connect any device

    • Wi-Fi Routers

    • iPhone/Android

    • PC/Mac

  • One of the largest web data gathering ecosystem

    • Ethically sourced for ethical usage

    • Driven with innovations and compliance

  • Live support in messengers

    • Time to ditch e‑mail support

    • Live support with experts, fast response, quick resolution

    • Pay as you go

    • No need to pay more than you need

    • All settings in your personal account, on the same page

    • Best passive income

    • Revenue share referral program

    • Get 10% (and more) from payments of your referrals

    • Network made by tech experts

    • Dynamic failover

    • 99.9% network uptime

    • Fast live support response time

    • All kinds of marketing and business tasks

    • Scale any kind of business activity to enterprise solution

Ultimate flexibility dashboard

  • Instant orders access

  • Buy as much as you need, save your money

  • Select connections and various customizable features

  • Control you spendings with absolute precision

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  • Single order panel for all types of proxies

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Why businesses choose us as their data gathering platform

Ethical scraping network of thousands of whitelisted IPs and regular ISPs

Trust of any website and minimum chance of IP and account bans

User-friendly and adjustable, 100% compatibility

All proxies within a single panel, flexible settings to all types of software and missions

Reasonable rates, pricing plans with proxies from $0.2 per month

Top-notch support with experts who are always there to help



Asked for a test, got my account topped up in 15 minutes. There are many ways to add money if necessary. Cryptocurrency, ewallets and credit cards are suported. TEch support answered my question about actual payment ways quickly, in half an hour, they were polite. It’s nice. I worked with residential proxies in Italy. No issues with speed and stability, but couple of words about ip pool. It could be bigger. Please add proxy nodes there. I used a prepaid trafic packet, and was pleased. Fast connect, clear statistics for every page I request. Here is also an unlimited pricin plan, too expensive for me. Maybe it suits big enterprises. Reliable service, I can heartedly recommend it!

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Unexpectedly good service, with stable and fast IPs. Comfortable control panel, all in one web page. No issues detected. Had a question on compatibility, support was presented by real people, and found a solution quickly. Much obliged.!

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proxy is work, try it for free anytime. I did

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Use Dexodata for thge first time, 3 weeks or so. Looked for geo-located proxies for app testing. Saw ads in Google. The IP geo-targeted proxies are real, residential proxies work with minimum delay. Connected to us from Canada. Nice usability, easy to get and run needed IPs. specify the country, city, and here we go. there’s an option to choose IP from the list of home internet providers, AT&T and others are presented. The list is renewed contantly, but I’ve faced the shortage of residential proxies in Seattle, NYC has done well. Otherwise, proxies are whitelistd, no captchas or so. Rotation functions flawlessly, API requests went back and fort properly. Can’t say a lot about support, contacted it in the beginning. Telegram bot answered, then living human joined the chat. i got my account activated.

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Rotating proxies ! All in the one pool! click the Change IP button, and the new address comes from the same place, and the saime proxy provider! no bans, no logouts, the best finctionality. Every item on the menu has pop-up with explanation. No support needed. But it works, and answers via messengers quickly!

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Trustworthy service, has a strong verification, asks to prove your ID. All features gathered in one place. Nice looking dashboard though, set-up works for a single IP one-by-one. Convinient if not many proxies needed. Used dynamic proxies of all types, residenal, mobile, data centers. External ip changes quickly and quietly, that’s what I need. No option to change ISP or ASN after the proxy is ordered. Be careful. Visa accepted. discounts are provided for the largest amounts of traffic (10gb+).

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