Understanding the benefits of ChatGPT for web scraping

Contents of article:

  1. How to use ChatGPT with trusted proxy websites?
  2. How can ChatGPT scrape websites with geo targeted proxies?
  3. ChatGPT aspects useful for data scraping
  4. How does ChatGPT help in data analytics?
  5. Why use ChatGPT and buy dedicated proxies?

Artificial intelligence development is in the forefront of global innovations. The size of the AI market exceeds $10 billion. It is expected to grow twenty times in ten years. These are the calculations made by Polaris Market Research.

The sphere of gathering online insights also implements AI-driven solutions. The Dexodata data collection infrastructure allows to buy residential and mobile proxies. We have created an ecosystem that is fully compatible with machine learning algorithms during info acquisition at scale.

Earlier we have already covered the implementation of the ChatGPT web scraping chatbot for writing algorithms that harvest information from the targeted resources. ChatGPT scraper is adjustable to the particular needs. Today the article is devoted to the main benefits of ChatGPT data extraction.

How to use ChatGPT with trusted proxy websites?

Progress does not stand still. The current version of LLM-driven AI-model ChatGPT is 3.5. It operates almost two times more parameters than its predecessor, 355 billion with higher performance. For ChatGPT info harvesting it means:

  • Faster response to the task
  • Enhanced correspondence to requests
  • Decreased bias
  • Improved error correction.

The basic application of proxy for ChatGPT is gaining access to it through geolocation that differs from the original area. After the objectives and target web pages are articulated, the web data engineer chooses a software and writes a proper code for it via ChatGPT. Proxy site should be compatible with API-methods to be operated properly by Puppeteer, Selenium or other browser automation tools. Dexodata as a reliable data-oriented platform supports dynamic IP changing and adaptive IP pool scaling during the info harvesting.


How can ChatGPT scrape websites with geo targeted proxies?


Natural language processing tools are not intended to search for crucial insights and obtain them in a structured form. But it is a crucial assistant in creating programming code for specialized frameworks or debugging it. All stages of data collection and analytics can be improved or established by ChatGPT. Proxy website is the second element necessary for sending an increased number of concurrent requests during internet info mining. Coding skills are not mandatory to acquire details of product, lead data, SEO metrics, social media data, etc.

The following list contains aspects that can be leveraged in the JS, Python or other programming code for a ChatGPT-enhanced data collection:

  1. Topic modeling
  2. Content generation
  3. Natural language processing
  4. Sentiment analysis
  5. Keyword extraction
  6. Text classification
  7. Named entity recognition
  8. Language translation
  9. Web page categorization
  10. Real-time data analysis.


ChatGPT aspects useful for data scraping


The topic modeling is mostly applicable during the initial, preparatory stage. The automated algorithm can be programmed to identify the main topics and themes present in a large corpus of text. It allows users to generate insights and identify emerging trends. Large language model supports preliminary training before final script creation. That is the case for content generation. Human-like text is produced based on a given prompt and includes:

  • Product descriptions
  • Reviews
  • Images
  • Algorithm examples
  • Spreadsheets. etc

Natural language processing is one of the advanced chatbot’s core mechanics. The tool receives natural language queries from the user and converts them into machine-readable instructions. That simplifies programming with no-coding skills. Performers should buy residential and mobile proxies on their own, or provide possibilities for ChatGPT proxy pool to be compiled according to rules set. E.g. to purchase additional ports and dynamically rotate their IPs with every single request.


How does ChatGPT help in data analytics?


The following aspects are appropriate for both the preparation of future data acquisition and processing harvested amounts of information. Sentiment analysis is the feature of future automated AI-driven programs to analyze customer feedback and reviews, providing valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels.

Does ChatGPT scrape the internet sources? No, but it is able to write a code that will do a keyword extraction from sites to identify significant trends and patterns. It is also useful for revealing incorrect lines in the ready-made code.

How to boost web scraping experience with ChatGPT and geo targeted proxies

ChatGPT features applicable to the gathering online insights at scale

Implementation of text classification means that an NLP-based model classifies content based on chosen categories, such as spam, hate speech, or other types of problematic content, ensuring the high quality of obtained insight. This phase of content analysis is closely intertwined with named entity recognition. Entities are recognized for further structuring. These can be: 

  • People
  • Places
  • Characteristics
  • Metrics
  • Evaluations.

Specific cases imply the identification of influencers and key players in a particular industry or market. If you have a geo targeted proxy, ChatGPT can be asked to compile the algorithm of aggregating internet insights valuable in a chosen area.

List of important features of web scraping chatbot includes API interoperability. Playground versions of GPT-3.5 and 4.0 models can be implemented in any terminal or web page structure via the private API key. With HTTP requests one can leverage creative ChatGPT abilities directly from the console. The importance of it is obvious during the application of the next aspects.

The first is language translation. The program translates web content between different languages and enables the user to understand customer feedback and engagement on a global scale. The ability of web page categorization refers to division the targeted sites into classes according to their inner text and media. That is the way to filter out irrelevant info and focus on relevant sources.

Real-time data analysis serves to process current amounts of insights. That procedure allows detection of emerging trends and quick adjustment of tool’s coding. For example, if the automated ML-based model sees a sudden surge in demand for a particular product or service, the enterprise can correct the marketing strategy accordingly.


Why use ChatGPT and buy dedicated proxies?


User-friendly and flexible AI-enhanced models simplify routine data harvesting processes. Assistance in writing ready-to-go algorithms to the users without coding skills expands the possibilities of data analysts and saves the company’s budget. The reasonable prices are the reason to buy residential and mobile proxies from Dexodata. Our IP network is 100% compatible with frameworks controlled by artificial  intelligence via API with both SOCK(S) and HTTP(S) compliance for every port. Contact Client support for a free trial and utilize the benefits of ChatGPT for corporate and individual needs.


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