How to choose proxies for commercial purposes

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  1. Set the right goals
  2. Geolocation options matter
  3. Choose a reliable ecosystem
  4. No inadequate and costly limits

It is virtually impossible to imagine a modern business with no access to the Internet. At the same time, all activities on the Internet must be protected. For instance, one needs to protect sensitive data from hackers and fraudsters.

Dexodata provides cheap social media proxies compatible with antidetect browsers and best datacenter proxies for a fast secured conection. Besides, proxies will be helpful in terms of market research and social media management.

Set the right goals

A trusted proxy website is a must for any company at any stage. You can use it for research while generating a business idea. Then you will need to monitor the market and constantly learn something new about your competitors. To deliver your brand on the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), buy residential and mobile proxies and perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Due to trusted websites with proxies all the processes related to production and development can also be supported by such tools. Even hiring efforts can generate some problems if you do not buy residential and mobile proxies or do not use the best datacenter proxies. Finally, if you experience difficulties with data harvesting, proxies will be invaluable.

To make a well-informed decision and order the right combo of proxies, make sure to get in touch with the customer service of a trusted proxy website. For instance, Dexodata always cares about users. Our specialists are constantly available via social media and messengers, such as Facebook, Telegram, and so on. We are ever-ready to answer your questions and give helpful advice by providing expert-level assistance. 


Geolocation options matter


The eventual success in business greatly depends on how your ads are shown and offerings are promoted. You will need to use proxies in different parts of the world. To make sure that people learn about your products and services the way you want them to, buy residential and mobile proxies for ad verification. The wider your scope is, the more customers can see your ads, and the more proxies you need. With Dexodata, you can get millions of IP addresses covering different parts of the world. As for the IPv4 technology, it can cope with all the applicable software requirements.


Choose a reliable ecosystem


Any business aim must be attained within a reasonably limited space of time. If you face any issues like being blacklisted or slow connection speed, they can impede your business processes. Choosing the right tool is the best way to prevent such problems.

Make sure to read reviews and comments left by real people before making your choice. Remember that only the best datacenter proxies ensure a high level of security and stability and can serve you well enough.


No inadequate and costly limits


Some companies take extra fares for each and every individual IP address. The threat of hidden payments is always ever-present. Dexodata as a trusted proxy website always works in a transparent fashion. Fair play is our guiding principle. With us, you get full access to an impressive number of IP addresses immediately after you pay. What you see is what you get. Our users can buy residential and mobile proxies with the very settings needed, right after the free trial of rotating proxies. Read more in our F.A.Q. or ask Client support for access. All the relevant information is always visible and easily accessible. It will save your money, time, and efforts while working on the Internet.


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