Instagram automation with geo targeted proxies

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  1. Instagram automation defined by a provider of Instagram proxies
  2. ABC of Instagram bot proxies
  3. Conclusion

Everyone likes to shine on Instagram. No matter who our ecosystem of geo targeted proxies might be discussing. As long as a person or a team is there, they would be happy to promote themselves. However, if an ordinary individual is discussed, they can keep on managing their account manually. But in case it is about celebrities, aspiring influencers, and marketing agencies, successful automation is needed. As an outcome, the best proxies for Instagram automation are required. Today Dexodata offers to buy proxies for social networks. The IP pools include residential and even more trusted by socials mobile proxies for Instagram.

Instagram automation defined by a provider of Instagram proxies

The idea of automation itself lies in the executing certain actions through the external software, e.g. browser automation tools. In the case of managing an Instagram account automated solutions enable one to relax or do something meaningful while the akgorithms provide for social interactions. When it comes to them, likes and shares are the first thing that comes to mind. Simultaneously, certain behind-the-scenes activities also matter for a successful Instagram-based venture. The common tasks are:

  • Instagram posts scheduled to be posted in advance
  • Target audience interactions, like comments and reactions
  • Collecting hashtags and metrics for marketing analysis or performance evaluation.

There are serious analytical efforts behind each success story on social media platforms. Instagram automation can be described as usage of little bots, aka specifically designed scripts, that assume responsibility for interacting with audiences and harvesting data. One can entrust them with doing A-stuff after a B-trigger is activated, be it a deadline, a mention, a hashtag published in a certain location, you name it. Each identifiable and trackable action on Instagram can serve as a trigger.

Everything looks perfect, except for the following issue of importance.

Mobile proxies for Instagram automation with Dexodata

As a site where one can buy proxies for social networks from China, Philippines or Belgium, Dexodata's ecosystem knows Instagram is suspicious and quite effective at preventing automated activities. Their main purpose is to encourage human interaction. They never hesitate to block any account they accuse of using bots. That is why geo targeted proxies, e.g. mobile proxies for Instagram, should be used in a combo with bots. Concealing true locations and IP addresses is crucial in terms of automation.


ABC of Instagram bot proxies  


Here is a checklist for productive automation policies from Dexodata:

  1. In case you need to buy proxies for Instagram bots, be ready to spend more money on mobile proxies for Instagram in Denmark, Colombia or other particular location you need. This type of IPs is the most valuable, and therefore expensive, see it for yourself on our pricing page. But still, one must be prepared to incur these costs. Instagram was envisioned and is still used as predominantly a mobile solution. It is possible to manage an account via your desktop. However, if the network reveals any suspicious activities and links them with a desktop address, there reaction will be quick and harsh. Mobile geo targeted proxies look more innocuous, in our opinion (even though residential IP addresses provided by ISPs can also be a direction to go);

  2. Be careful with proxy rotation. On the one hand, mobile IPs are rotating by definition. On the other hand, if your addresses changes too quickly, it is a red flag for Instagram, and they will act accordingly;

  3. Make sure that your IP is located as close to your regular target audience as possible, unless you are a global travel blogger or jet-setter who travels every week. It will contribute to lulling the vigilance of the Instagram site and app;

  4. Verify whether your Ireland, China, Malaysia-located geo targeted proxies for Instagram are sufficiently powerful and speedy to process the amount of traffic you need. Slowly processed queries are a clear impediment.




No matter what your automation tool of choice is. It might be Ingramer, SocialPilot, Izood, etc. To apply it properly and mitigate risks, google 'social proxies instagram automation' before the start. Choose a provider with adequate pricing policies, positive public user reviews, all applicable AML and KYC practices, and a customer support service. Instead, it is possible to skip this step and start working with Dexodata straight away.

Request a free trial if you happen to be a new user or buy proxies for social networks to see how our ecosystem works. We guarantee dependability, speed, high quality, and other advanced features of our whitelisted addresses across 100+ counties, encompassing China, Philippines, Belgium, Ireland, Malaysia, Denmark, Colombia, and 100+ more geographical locations. Residential options' prices start at 7.3 dollars per 1Gb, mobile ones start at 13.14.


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