Proxies and the best flight deals

Contents of article:

  1. Context for using trusted proxy websites
  2. Case for hiding your browsing country via geo targeted proxies
  3. Case for changing IP inside the same country via dedicated proxies
  4. Hidden pitfalls of looking for cheap air tickets

International travel is a source of new impressions, relaxation, and joy. Long-haul flights also cost a lot of money. Pandemic-related restrictions, international tensions, and environmental protection measures contribute to rising prices. Travel fare aggregators might help. But even a functional and comprehensive platform might not show all the best deals. Luckily, there exists a way out. The Dexodata rusted proxy website offers geo targeted proxies and paid proxy free trial, granting tourists a chance to surmount multiple obstacles and find the best available deals. Today, we will explain the details of assistance mechanics. 

Context for using trusted proxy websites

To see how a trusted proxy website assists with spending less on flight booking, one needs to comprehend the way flight sites function. Any airline web presence sets its prices on the basis of multiple factors collected from the web footprint left by the visitor. Factors affecting the price of a flight can absorb such details as:

  • Exact location of a browsing session, whether the web user has already paid a visit to the airline site,
  • Whether the visitor uses a cell phone or not (or even the model of the phone).

It sounds too intrusive, but any web presence can grab such data with ease by means of cookie files, IPs used for a surfing round, and even GPS as long as it stays activated. Geo targeted proxies are a perfect way to tackle these factors of risk.


Case for hiding your browsing country


Whenever one activates a proxy, even if it is a paid proxy free trial option, one constructs an intermediary link between themselves and the website. For you, the site is still visible. For the web presence, only the proxy can be recognized. As long as it conceals one’s true location, one is free to virtually “travel” the globe, trying IPs of different countries. It is a serious bonus. 

The chief consequence is that in case an airline offers varying prices to buyers in different countries, one will be able to identify the differences and place an order at the most favorable prices. Dexodata, as an ecosystem and partner in data collection with 99% update, runs a pool of whitelisted addresses dispersed across 100+ countries. There will be no issues with trying a proper location.

It is also interesting that not only prices can vary, depending on a geo. Even sites themselves can be shown in different versions. Obviously, they propose different packages. Compare with If you want to do so, make sure to apply geo targeted proxies provided by trusted proxy websites. Otherwise, it could be inconceivable to view and work with international versions without altering one’s address first.


A case for changing an IP inside the same country


Using a different IP is a great idea even if one virtually “stays” in their country or locality. Whenever an airline website understands that one has already paid multiple visits and searched for flights on several occasions, they draw the following simple conclusion. Namely, one has made the decision and is ready to pay the price. Their next logical step is to put up the costs, accordingly.

How to find cheap air tickets with trusted proxy websites

Mechanism of performing a beneficial flight deal via proxy

Modifying the IP address, even while staying in a “natural” geo, will enable one to outwit the website. For the latter, one will universally stay a new visitor. Here is an important trick to remember. It is a widely-accepted practice for sites to store cookie files on one’s machine. They constitute a recognizable digital trail. Before altering an IP, remove cookies first before initiating a web surfing session.


Hidden pitfalls 


If you feel like you desire to save cash, use Dexodata’s geo targeted proxies. In case you have not used our ecosystem yet, a paid proxy free trial is available. 

We urge considering two factors:

  1. Airlines denominate prices in local currencies. To recalculate a price in a given location and adjust it to one’s card currency, a service fee can be applied. This variable will eat into the amount of money one saves;
  2. Depending on airports, other service fees can be applied for handling one’s issues. Some are automatic and not highlighted. Scan the page for relevant info. 

Take precaution and grab a cheap ticket. Start the journey and explore the world! Dexodata wishes you a pleasant flight!


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