Main advantages of Data as a Service approach and proxies

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  1. Role of Data as a Service
  2. Data as a Service and its usage purposes
  3. Data as a Service: How data storage functions
  4. Data as a Service: Principles of setting up

Dexodata can serve as an ideal assistant not only when it comes to studying and other everyday tasks, but also to professional activities. One can get all three maim types of IPs on our trusted proxy website. It offers various options for secure web connections, including geo targeted proxies as well as private and public IPs for different types of devices.

For instance, digital marketing of today requires fast and reliable solutions. In this respect, instead of spending money on your own proxy network, it would be reasonable to purchase a tool for your company from a trusted proxy website.

Role of Data as a Service

The DaaS approach allows you to significantly reduce business costs as the best datacenter proxies do. If you opt for it, your data will be processed and stored by large virtual info centers. In this case, the main functions are performed by specialized web channels that both store and handle data. Most platforms provide cloud-based storage for these purposes. However, the same function can be performed by a trusted proxy website.


Data as a Service and its usage purposes


The DaaS technology has become an integral part of the corporate landscape all over the globe. Basically, DaaS relies on external and internal sources. The first case involves websites, users' digital footprints, third-party databases, etc. Internal encompass include client bases, companys’ records, exchange-rate indexes, CRM systems, etc.

While interacting with external sources, it is important to build a proper architecture of your local network to exclude hacker threats. Therefore, it is reasonable for business owners to think about obtaining a dedicated IP. Thus, it is necessary to take into account the opportunities associated with geo targeted proxies.


Data as a Service: How data storage functions 


Data harvesting is a serious concern for website owners and databases. It is fueled by special programs that are embedded in the source code of a website and get access to personal information related to customers, their payment details, etc. Such tools are also able to stop the work of web pages, lower their traffic, and publish fake information about products, so that companies incur losses. 

How trusted proxy websites help obtaining data from social media and other sites

Data as a Service implies the aggregation of massive data amounts from different sources, including social media platforms

However, in addition to fraudulent scanners, secure software relies on the same principles. Therefore, it also can impede the work of the online platform until trusted geo targeted proxies come to the rescue. The same is true for free intermediary servers, so it is a common option to buy residential and mobile proxies.


Data as a Service: Principles of setting up


With the Dexodata ecosystem, you can be sure that the information received via our trusted proxy website is relevant. As a result, your reports will be perfectly-tailored for subsequent analysis. However, to make this approach work, you need to remember: DaaS tools resemble software for hacking attempts. Thus, webmasters need to configure their algorithms in a fashion that would enable them to distinguish harvesters from real people. IT specialists apply these two tactics to effectively deal with such problems:

  • They specify temporary breaks between actions so that requests do not look automated;
  • They advise purchasing the best datacenter proxies for secure data storage.

Thus, DaaS allows you to process incoming information faster, which greatly improves the performance of your company. In this respect it is important to collaborate with trusted proxy websites. Free proxies seem profitable only at first sight, but over time they can cause serious losses due to the low level of cybersecurity. We propose to improve your web connections, so that you can set up a batch of geo targeted IP addresses with access rights under your full control. Therefore, only trusted employees will have access to cloud storage. To realize strategies created on the basis of received data, buy HTTPS proxy list and perform SEO.

Dexodata technical support specialists will help you choose the most optimal solutions for your activities, as well as recommend you the best datacenter proxies. All our products are of high quality, and we guarantee the highest possible safety level of the network. Also, our experts are always delighted to explain all the principles of our pricing plans. Contact us through any of the available popular messengers.


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