How proxies save your money

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  1. Proxies and shopping
  2. You do not spend means you earn
  3. Dexodata helps saving money

All people on Earth would like to save money especially when it is hard-earned, even if the eventual savings are not that big. That also matters in the world of business, when financial savings can be a prerequisite for sustainable development. Although you must pay money if you are ready to buy residential and mobile proxies, they still help you retain more than you spend. That is what Dexodata does. We offer you to buy residential and mobile proxies at an affordable price, while the decision to buy HTTPS proxy list can conduct SEO and enchance your brand's popularity.

Proxies and shopping

The first way how proxies help you save cash is online shopping. The same goods or services may be offered at different prices in different cities and countries. E-commerce sites are able to track the user's IP address, which means that the following data is available to them:

    • Type of your device and OS.
    • The region where a web surfing session is taking place.
    • Language.
    • Browser.

All that info can influence the eventual price. If you are determined to spare resources, you can simply buy residential IP addresses. This type of proxies, for sure, will hide your real IP, which means your actual data will not be available to web pages. In this case, the user simply connects to the Internet via an IP from another country. So the online store will also sell goods at the local rate. You can always try proxies free of charge if you are a new user of a trusted proxy website.Our social media proxies prevent private data from leakage in social media and on e-commerce sites.


You do not spend means you earn 


Buying residential IP addresses means your privacy on the Internet will be much higher. This is very important, since user data, including bank cards, will be protected by an additional safeguard. A proxy is a kind of insurance policy against fraudulent actions made by third parties. If they fail to find sensitive information about you, it means you have saved your budget.  

When it comes to businesses, buying residential and mobile proxies can also generate great benefits instead of looking for such things as a free lunch. With paid dedicated IP addresses you can conduct:

    1. market analysis
    2. marketing research
    3. cost-effective and optimized advertising campaigns.

You can stop worrying about the risk of blacklisted IPs and the chances to lose your wealth allocated for certain research activities. Use numerous applications and services with residential proxies, which may be unavailable in your country. It is not uncommon for both companies and the government to discriminate by restricting access in certain areas. 


Dexodata helps saving money 


The Dexodata platform, due to the wide pool of residential proxy solutions, allows users to save on purchases and earn money. Our solutions will provide customers with security, privacy and unlimited freedom of action on the Internet. Because that is what geo targeted proxies were invented for after all.

If you haven’t tried Dexodata before and are a new user, you can always test our proxies free of charge! Our free trial period will suffice if you want to see our proxy solutions in action for yourself. Then buy residential IPs, and join the ranks of Dexodata’s satisfied customers.


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