3 main causes to use residential proxies for ad verification

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  1. Why buy residential and mobile proxies for ad verification?
  2. Defining ad fraud
  3. Benefits of ad verification
  4. Why are residential proxies better than datacenter-based ones?

The mission of Dexodata is to serve all the legit purposes of our customers, as a trusted proxy website for data harvesting and a technically advanced ecosystem. Owing to our vast customer base and experience, we know what makes users buy residential and mobile proxies alongside the best datacenter proxies.

One of these reasons is ad verification. It is a major concern for companies all over the world. No team is ready to waste money and creative efforts on ads that fail to achieve their goals, due to flawed targeting or pure fraud. That is why geo targeted proxies offered by trusted proxy websites are utilized to clarify how ads are shown and detect violations of any kind.

Why buy residential and mobile proxies for ad verification?

Ad verification is what advertisers do to make sure that their digital ads are shown correctly. As simple as that, alongside other reasons for enterprises to obtain 4G mobile proxies. The placement and consistency of our creatives play a crucial role when it comes to campaign performance. All the dimensions and parameters must match the settings proposed and ordered by your marketing team.

In addition to the shape, contexts also matter. Businesses want their ads to be displayed by particular web pages dedicated to specific topics. Even the best banners and popups won't work if they are displayed by irrelevant or inappropriate web platforms.

To sum up, ad verification means safeguarding your ads against various sorts of fraud. Geo targeted proxies make it possible for companies to verify ads are shown in certain places (i.e. localized proxies for ad verification) and fight different sorts of fraud (i.e. vendor verification).


Defining ad fraud


Hackers might be applying varying unjust tactics to increase their traffic figures. Their capabilities should not be underestimated. They are resorting to technologically advanced practices to falsify not only traffic, but also click rates and impressions. In addition, they can publish fake pages resembling original ones to redirect web traffic to such pages.

They can replace ads you pay for with other ads. They can add malicious links to ads. Also, it is not a problem to modify your ads so that they communicate false promises. One tests advertisement links and content through the best datacenter proxies.


Benefits of proxies for ad verification


Fraudulent platforms and teams can nullify all the advertising efforts. The problem is that it may be too late to realize that something wrong is happening to your campaigns. That is why truly effective and skilled marketing professionals, advertising managers, and SEO experts never forget to buy proxies for ad verification.

How to verify ads with geo targeted dynamic proxies

Ad verification is crucial for delivering the messages about your product or services to the target audiencies

Dexodata ensures contextual brand safety, as it’s of enormous importance. Quite frequently, fraudsters choose dangerous sites displaying adult, violent, trash, or otherwise restricted and illegal content. It can compromise your brand.

Simultaneously, you need to be cautious if you promote alcohol, cigarettes, vape devices, or adult products, as all these segments are carefully regulated by local legislation. The geo targeted proxies are advised. Buy proxies for ad verification with particular geo data to keep on abiding by the law. Adequate verification policies must be also in place.


Why are residential proxies better than datacenter-based ones?


Buying residential IP means to make a step to budget saving. Fraudulent teams do their best to outmaneuver those who try to expose and detect their illegal activities. Even the best datacenter proxies won’t work if you try to use them for this purpose without understanding the core principles of marketing. 

Indeed, they are more affordable, plentiful, and provide a high-speed connection, yet much less reliable. The case is that fraudsters know all their addresses. If you attempt to monitor a fraudster via a datacenter-based address, the fraudster will recognize you quickly. 

Happily, such trusted proxy websites as Dexodata, will give you vast pools of addresses to buy proxies for ad verification, residential and mobile. The latter are, basically, ordinary people’s devices contracted to the Net, e.g. PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With our assistance, you will replace your IP with theirs. You can learn more about it in our Blog. Anyway, fraudsters will be in no position to recognize you in this case.


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