Advantages of proxies for web search

Contents of article:

  1. How proxies matter
  2. SEO context
  3. Principles of proxy functioning

Dexodata is an ecosystem providing effective and seamless possibility to enter the Web with the highest level of privacy possible. One can have a free proxy trial to be confident in all platform's advantages before buying residential and mobile proxies for reasonable prices.

How proxies matter 

When it comes to e-commerce or Internet businesses in general, our proxies are of great importance for SEO efforts. Dexodata’s geo targeted proxies will enable you to evaluate the website positions across various search systems. It is crucial to know your exact ranking. Besides, you can focus your attention on competitors’ positions. 

Using proxies for web search matters in many contexts:

  1. When you look for something on the Internet, think of how far you can go. Most users check out the first and second pages only. It is not typical for them to look any further, so the aim is to place your websites business in the first seen SERP list.

  2. If you run a local business, it is necessary to earn a reputation as a trustworthy contractor, and then keep it. That is how the way to popularity or higher conversion rates and web traffic looks like. The more people will see your info and ads, the more orders you will get.

  3. As for competition on the Net, it is an ever-lasting challenge. So you need to keep a close eye on your rivals, their rankings, and keywords across all relevant countries. All these tasks will be much easier with a trusted proxy website. Feel free to learn more about it in Our blog.


SEO context


It is hard to imagine, nowadays, a successful company without SEO activities. Practical SEO approaches may differ:

  • Establishing an in-house SEO department.
  • Resorting to online services.
  • Collaborating with SEO experts on a temporary basis.

Whatever your eventual choice is, your SEO staff will need geo targeted proxies. Such an important SEO aspect as data harvesting and website monitoring is impossible without them. With geo targeted proxies all the information from any part of the world becomes available. It is relevant and accessible, so the chances of interrupting your work are extremely low. We offer all main types of cheap social media proxies for SEO and SMM.


Principles of operation


Any trusted proxy website is supposed to run a significant IP addresses amount. These multiple connections should be kept accessible or manageable via a single device. In this case, web scanning is extremely efficient. After all, sending automated queries within a short space of time, with your real IP hidden and changing from time to time, is extremely effective.

If one has a goal to unleash the entire potential of SEO, the best option is to buy residential and mobile proxies. By applying them it is possible to ease all phases of SEO promotion. To sum up, intermediary IPs help to:

  1. Collect exact information via data harvesting.
  2. Use the results of data-harvesting for search engine optimization.
  3. Analyze competitors, their rankings and search factors.
  4. Control SERP changes in chosen area with geo targeted proxies

Reach out to Dexodata to gain a competitive edge over your market rivals. It is a perfect platform with personalized offerings. Combine them to build your own tailored-fit solution for SEO. Both companies and individual users can buy residential and mobile proxies with Dexodata. This trusted proxy website is able to solve many tasks with one click.


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