What are geo targeted proxies all about?

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  1. How does reliable geo targeting operate?
  2. What do we need geo targeted proxies for?
  3. Geo targeted proxy types
  4. Geo targeted proxies from Dexodata

The progress made by Internet services up to 2023 indicates that buying residential and mobile proxies is a lucrative investment. Businesses can benefit from the speed, reliability, and safeguards promised by Dexodata and other trusted proxy websites at an acceptable cost.

Businesses purchase 4G mobile proxies to look like ordinary users and to be recognized this way by the security systems of e-commerce platforms and search engines. In this respect, geo targeted proxies make it possible to reach this very goal. They can digitally impersonate users from the very location they require.

How does reliable geo targeting operate?

Geo targeting is a way to send and deliver targeted advertisement to Internet users in a cost-effective, adequate, and accurate fashion. Various advertising algorithms, such as Google Ads, detect the point of Internet session to be started from. They are also able to track and analyze the actions taken by any particular user on the Web.

After that, ads services use the previously accumulated data to show users advertisements og goods, services, etc, that could match personal preferences, interests, and inclinations. 

Here is what makes accurate geolocation possible:

  • IP addresses. Service providers assign addresses to all devices, connected either Wi-Fi or LAN cable. As for mobile carriers, they assign addresses to any device with a SIM/eSIM card inside. That is exactly why buyers of residential and mobile proxies are perceived as common users surfing the Web from the desired location;

  • Cookie files. Essentially, cookies are nothing more than text files saved on a local machine by the visited web pages to fasten the site load. Cookie files include:

    • History of browsing sessions
    • Lists of visited sites
    • Shopping carts
    • Encrypted credentials
    • Amount of clicks together with user transitions to external sites.

Free proxy lists may be the source of private data leakage performed through cookies. As we have stated earlier, it is more safe to buy residential and mobile proxies from trusted data processing platform.

  • Finally, one should mention such an important factor as cell towers.

Just a couple of tech details. Whenever users purchase dynamic mobile network proxies, they get access to the net via regular cell towers. That is why your chosen location will be both accurate and raise no suspicion. Cell towers and GPS take care of it. And if you opt for a residential IP, Wi-Fi will also ensure accuracy.

Geo targeting function shows ads with a whole bunch of factors taken into consideration. It differs from simple geofencing. The latter takes no account of Cookie files and other sorts of metadata. The only factor that counts with geofencing is geolocation. It is the reason why it is normally a less effective and productive way to go.


What do we need geo targeted proxies for?


Geo targeting boosts sales and grows website traffic. If any business wants to increase its own efficiency this way, i.e. with geo targeting, the best thing to do is to buy residential and mobile proxies. They enable enterprises to set a remote connection to the region where the target audience is located.

The ways companies benefit from geo targeted proxies are:

1. Marketing research

Legal entities specify a particular state or focus on a specific city through proxy to resemble local residents. Search engines and online marketers view such connections as relevant and act accordingly, i.e. show ads. As an outcome, it is easy to collect information about competitors, their prices and special conditions. There will be no risk of being blocked. So trusted proxy websites provide relevant data during the web data harvesting sessions.

2. SEO optimization

Geo targeted proxies assist companies with obtaining data needed to promote a website. Such valuable info might include page rankings, Google indicators, and promising queries. Without this knowledge, bringing more organic and even referral traffic will be impossible.

3. Ad campaigns

Researchers assess various web search requests, associated with a given city or country via rotating proxies. It is a prerequisite for digital marketing managers to produce relevant and well-targeted creatives. Geo targeting gives an impetus to your advertising efforts and saves resources. Contact Dexodata to buy residential and mobile proxies which are dispersed over 100 countries. Both static and rotating proxies are available.

How individual geo targeted proxies work

Various proxies can be geo targeted. These are mobile or residential, IPv4-compatible, static or dynamic, etc.  

4. Checking ads

Buying dedicated proxies does require businesses to allocate budgets. However, this spending looks insignificant in comparison with how big financial losses might be if an ad campaign goes wrong. It may happen due to incorrect calculations and projections. It may also happen due to simple negligence or refusal to utilize mobile proxies from the trusted proxy website. The result stays the same anyway. First, businesses waste money. Second, their brand and market standing are under threat.

To overcome this obstacle geo targeted proxies are advised to be applied. They will give you leverage to keep everything under full control, including placing ads with proper targeting settings through intermediary trusted proxy websites.

5. Social media management

Major social networks do not welcome simultaneous use of multiple social media accounts and ad campaigns run from the single location. Their typical reaction is blacklisting the ID or IP. Dynamic mobile network proxies, proxies for social networks that change external IP constantle, is one of the possible solutions.


Geo targeted proxy types


Geo targeted proxies are as follows:

  1. Residential and mobile
  2. IPv4 and IPv6
  3. Dedicated and shared
  4. HTTPS and SOCKS
  5. Static and dynamic proxies.

It would be a reasonable step to purchase dynamic proxies featuring an enabled IP rotation capability. The latter safeguards your IP addresses and accounts from being flagged. Such threats have to be reckoned with whenever you are dealing with data parsing or using multiple accounts concurrently. The top-notch residential and mobile proxies you can purchase within our ecosystem modify IPs on a timer or with every new connection, both manually or via API. Geo targeted proxies, residential as well as mobile and datacenter, are also used by Data as a Service vendors.


Geo targeted proxies from Dexodata


Our web data collecting platform offers highly reliable geo targeted proxies. They guarantee low ping connections and 99.9% uptime. Addresses are obtained legally, in accordance with KYC and AML policies. Please feel free to get acquainted with our License Agreement. There are no extra fees for any features available. To name them:

  • Network protocols to choose from (HTTPS or SOCKS5).
  • Both dynamic and static IP addresses.
  • API command module.
  • High third-party software compatibility, including, but not limited to, parsers, scraping algorithms, antidetect browsers, and others. 

Our dynamic updatable proxies are easy to purchase and tune. All functionalities are instantly available via a single dashboard. One can specify a location, proxy type, volume of traffic. All your figures and stats concerning proxy use and spending are also accessible there. In other words, Dexodata is a trusted partner in data extraction when it comes to geo targeted proxies.


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