What is web data extraction?

Contents of article:

  1. Why are geo targeted proxies useful for data extraction?
  2. How is web data collected?
  3. Why collect data?
  4. How to proceed with data collection properly?
  5. Why is Dexodata a perfect tool to extract data?

Dexodata is an enterprise platform for harvesting and analyzing web data. It is indispensable for data extraction. Today we will talk about how it works, and why use rotating proxies for it. Earlier we have told about the role of datacenter, 4G mobile proxies and residential IPs on the Big data market.

Why are geo targeted proxies useful for data extraction?

The basis of web analytics today is obtaining structured information, analyzing and managing it. It is the way trends in politics, social life, and characteristics of the markets are observed. 

Geolocation is no longer a defining moment. Enterprises in Bangladesh, Japan or Saudi Arabia can run a data acquisition in Greece, Argentina, Saudi Arabia or Nigeria. Buy any residential IP and combine it with automated software. Based on the analysis, growth strategies are developed.

The technical process includes:

  1. Automated search through the geo targeted proxies.
  2. Storage, processing, structuring the material and studying it.

You can find anything on the Internet. The dentist's phone number, the cost of air travel, the bitcoin rate or the lyrics for the favorite song. Corporate collection of data is thousands of times more voluminous than personal “web surfing”. It requires:

  • to create algorithms for harvesting, cataloging and analyzing information,
  • to buy residential rotating proxies that can take on such a load.


How is web data collected?


Gathering content online manually takes time and effort. And the result becomes outdated before it even gets to analysts. Therefore, the process is automated and has two stages. It is setting up the software and running it through geo targeted proxies from Nigeria and France to Bangladesh. The choice of tools is between self-made in-house infrastructure and off-the-shelf proven proxy management software.

Programs for such research perform a full cycle of data extraction in 2022. The list of actions consists of extraction, sorting, cleaning, preparation and representation. Popular tools are the 'Scrapy' framework and the 'Beautiful Soup' module, both powered by Python.


Why collect data?


There are as many reasons for collecting information arrays as there are ways to use the datacenter proxies. Here is a list of possible purposes:

  1. Market research. A quick way to assess the capabilities and prices of competitors, identify an unoccupied niche, and find areas of potential sales.  Buy residential IP and obtain reliable information.
  2. SERP optimization. Necessary for a product or service to be on the first lines of search engines. It also helps to identify advertising trends, clarify the interests of users. The ethical usage is strictly advised, as well as SOCKS5 proxy free trial to check the chosen settings.
  3. Testing software, applications, and sites. Buy residential rotating proxies integrated to our web ecosystem to obtain pristine data ready for analysis.
  4. Trademark protection. Enterprises fight for intellectual property and prevent copyright infringements. To do so they scan pages of similar subjects and trading platforms. Companies from Japan can buy SOCKS5 proxies in Argentina to perform checks. Dexodata stands for transparency of information and helps the business community to work in a legal field safely. Read our User Agreement to know more about following KYC and AML policy.
  5. Scientific research or journalistic activity. Geo targeted proxies are good at gaining facts and details of specialized media and local bloggers. The high-trusted connection is established due to the CGNAT solution.
  6. Financial analytics. It precedes investing in bonds, stock market, real estate, venture industries, etc. Detailed and clear reports contribute to the growth of invested capital. As a buyer of residential rotating proxies the one can expect to collect accurate data.


How to proceed with data collection properly?


Aggregation starts with the task development. Then programmers make a list of requests and sites with characteristics suitable for a job. They set up analytical software according to: 

  • code and data type
  • scope of analytics
  • way of final results representation. 

The researchers take into account all of the above and buy residential IP, mobile or datacenter. It is the checklist for harvesting meaningful information in a legal and transparent way. Upon completion, the collected indicators are structured into text or Excel files, organized in a convenient way for analysis. The final step includes implementation of the results.

Why collect web data and how to use geo targeted proxies for it

The automated data obtaining is a complex multi-stage process

We insist on the transparent usage of rotating datacenter (or residential) proxies whether they come, from Greece or Saudi Arabia. The policy of openness and user verification leads to obtaining reliable and accurate information, as mentioned in our Cookies policy.

Such analytics is legal as long as it does not violate privacy or gains private information (passwords, billing details, personal life facts). But web servers seek to protect themselves from competitors and exploit verification mechanisms.


Why is Dexodata a perfect tool to extract data?


Our infrastructure was built in the calculation of significant data amounts. Despite all the load the server uptime is 99.9%. Proxy servers distribute the strain between hundreds of IPs.

We operate geo targeted proxies to increase the level of trust for targeted pages. IP pools consist of addresses associated with real-end user devices. They are located in more than hundred countries. Specify the area, city and ISP to buy residential IP, datacenter or mobile for a reasonable price.

One more thing makes us a solid partner in extracting complex data solutions. It is a rotating IP feature for datacenter proxies. It is available for other proxy types. Rotation of external addresses simplifies the selection procedure. 

Every IP we serve supports both SOCKS5 and HTTP protocols. The list of API commands is ready to be integrated with third-party automation software. While buying SOCKS proxies may compensate some money spent.

Working with data is a necessary step in modern trade, politics, public life and culture. The Internet requires a structured approach as it is a single array of information about human life. Therefore, we recommend you resort to the services of a trusted corporate structure such as Dexodata.


Data gathering made easy with Dexodata