Scraping experts: 5 pro tips for ethical and efficient data harvesting

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Modern business analytics and forecasting is based on the information acquired from publicly available or internal enterprise sources by the experts. The first option involves web scraping accompanied by the automated software solutions and IP pools by a trusted proxy website. Dexodata as an infrastructure for raising the level of intelligence applied widely for data extraction. It has become an indispensable instrument for obtaining crucial metrics, descriptions, titles, etc. from diverse platforms. Inexperienced users use NLP-models, such as Copilot, BrowseAI, and ChatGPT to acquire the online information stored on marketplaces or social media.

However, neural networks still serve as assistants in internet insights’ collection, so the role of experts is undeniable. The necessity to buy proxies for data scraping remains binding, too. Today, we will explore five pro tips by web scraping veterans to ensure you navigate the path of ethical and efficient data harvesting.

How to perform data extraction perfectly

Scraping experts have articulated five commandments obligatory for those willing to obtain business-related information seamlessly. We recommend being aware of what are data scraping proxies, also. Pro tips for productive web info collection are:

  1. Acquire appropriate equipment
  2. Understand website terms
  3. Practice responsible online info collection
  4. Set user-agents and headers
  5. Leverage official APIs whenever possible.

The further reading will bring a detailed explanation on each rule.


1. Acquire appropriate equipment


Carefully choose the most suitable tools for an online harvesting project. Whether it's libraries like BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, etc. ensure that the apparatus aligns with the project's unique requirements. Buy residential IPs or mobile ones depending on what matches your expertise. Ask our support experts for proxy free trial before deploying them at scale, and test the chosen automation solutions to verify their:

  • Performance
  • Error-handling capabilities
  • Accuracy.


2. Understand website terms


The initial part of any web insight retrieval involves the comprehending of the target page’s terms of use and robots.txt file. These documents outline the rules and policies established by the website for fair, lawful usage. These are the components of ethical data scraping along with a trusted proxy website acting in strict compliance with KYC and AML rules.

How to work as an expert with the best datacenter scraping proxies


3. Practice responsible online info collection


A responsible automated algorithm understands the role of not overwhelming servers of the target internet source with excessive requests. To minimize the server load scraping experts recommend:

  1. Introducing proper pauses between requests.
  2. Employing efficient online extraction techniques.
  3. Deploying the best datacenter scraping proxies, mobile and residential ones.

Focus on collecting only the necessary pieces of business knowledge, and refrain from gathering sensitive personal information without explicit consent.


4. Set user-agents and headers


Identify your intentions and provide contact information when making HTTP requests through appropriate:

  • User-agents
  • Headers.

Buy residential IP addresses from ethical data obtaining and processing infrastructures. Scraping experts emphasize the fact that this transparent approach fosters open communication and allows website administrators to reach out in case of any concerns.


5. Leverage official APIs whenever possible


Whenever available, prefer utilizing official APIs provided by the sites you apply to. The choice between HTML and API is yours. Consider the fact that APIs are designed for gathering online insights. They, therefore, are generally more reliable to operate in accordance with proxies for data scraping. The rate limits are an additional feature which prevents misuse and ensures that your internet info harvesting practices remain ethical and sustainable.


Expert experience and web data harvesting


Extraction of the publicly available information from the internet is a complex task implying AI-based models and reliable trusted proxy websites. The best solution is to appeal to experts. The Dexodata ecosystem has been raised as a project of skilled professionals offering to buy residential IPs, mobile and datacenter, for web scraping. IP pools in 100+ countries provide seamless access to target online insight sources and support no-hassle API integration with third-party software.


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