Why Dexodata implements AML and KYC policies

Contents of article:

  1. What do AML and KYC principles mean for geo targeted proxies?
  2. What does AML stand for?
  3. How does Know your client (KYC) technology work?
  4. What benefits do KYC and AML policies carry?

Transparency is a valued business characteristic. Its main application is to create mutual confidence in a client-contractor relationship. But it also prevents crimes and illegal activity of different sorts. Official status of the best datacenter proxies and 4G mobile proxies makes web data harvesting a legal procedure. AML and KYC policies meanwhile enhance business processes with raised cybersecurity and protection from network threaths. That is why Dexodata, a trusted data collection infrastructure, offers to buy dedicated proxies with full KYC and AML compliance.

What do AML and KYC principles mean for geo targeted proxies?

Anti-money laundering (AML) implies multiple screening techniques to find and prevent suspicious financial activity. Total spendings in this sphere have already reached about $3 billion in 2023 and are expected to double in five years, as stated in MarketsandMarkets research. When you buy residential IPs or 4G mobile proxies by Dexodata, you pass authorization and a check for compliance with KYC (Know your customer) principles. That is a win-win scenario keeping both our partners and the info gathering ecosystem safe. We are sure about received and sent transactions while companies and individuals who buy dedicated proxies are sure about:


What does AML stand for?


Anti-money laundering is deeply involved in “Know your customer” features, and vice versa. But AML focuses on assisting financial institutions in detecting and intercepting transactions that come from or to illegal sources. Initially accepted by banks and stock markets, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations are now applied universally. 

One can have a rotating proxies free trial but is not allowed to operate full functionality of Dexodata best datacenter proxies, residential or 4G mobile proxies without signing up and verifying ID. We commit to keep your private information safe according to Privacy policy. Our data governance system takes the following measures with respect to AML program:

  1. Identification and verification of our customers
  2. Observing their financial history and actions through the whole client lifecycle
  3. Evaluating financial, jurisdictional, and reputational risks
  4. Performing random checks within financial flows' monitoring system
  5. Keeping logs during the legitimate filing period
  6. Notifying authorities in prescribed cases of money laundering or financing illegal activities’ suspicion.

Those who buy residential IPs accept the clauses of User agreement that their online performance aligns with relevant regulations. In return our customers get instant access to dynamic IP addresses geolocated in 100+ countries and prompt Client support.


How does Know your client (KYC) technology work?


KYC technologies are focused on user identity. They include multiple steps, such as:

  • Collecting and storing encrypted ID information during sign-up phase in accordance with accepted obligations
  • Checking validity of provided documents
  • Searching for personal info details in publicly available databases
  • Determining risks connected to every user-server cooperation act
  • Current observation of performed actions.

Eventually we make a decision whether the user is allowed to buy dedicated proxies and operate them accordingly, or not. Being in sanctions’ lists or having a  status of “politically exposed person” (PEP) is undesirable. Detected suspicious activity may lead to a restriction or a permanent account ban.

How AML and KYC practices help those who buy dedicated proxies

AML & KYC policies are implemented at the same time enhancing user experience


What benefits do KYC and AML policies carry?


The best datacenter proxies by Dexodata, a law-abiding web insight collection ecosystem, are ethically acquired and maintained. We perform initial checks of our partners and provide them with efficient Client support. Current monitoring is implied for:

  1. Prompt troubleshooting
  2. Storing users’ accounts and sensitive data safe
  3. Keeping the IP infrastructure sustainable. 

Customer due diligence and screening measures assist our users in data analytics and supply chain optimization. It also prevents us from money losses due to eliminating the consequences of possible external illegal activity. So enterprises and individuals can buy residential IP addresses, datacenter and 4G mobile proxies for reasonable prices and with full AML and KYC compliance.


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