Scraping experts: How to collect accurate data online with dedicated proxies

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Web data collection serves different business objectives. Timely performed market analysis compared to inner practices boosts online agencies’ sales, reveals shortcomings of a project before launching it, and evaluates marketing efforts through ROI measurement.

Decision to buy residential and mobile proxies from Dexodata ensures seamless operation with chosen internet platforms, since our users gain access to complex infrastructure of ethically maintained IP pools. Other benefits are an experienced client support offering assistance within 15 minutes, and expert tips on reducing costs during multi-threaded extraction via the best datacenter proxies.

Web scraping tips for the best datacenter proxies’ users

Ethical web data harvesting begins from setting tasks and desired outcomes. This determines methods, performers, dedicated proxies to buy, scripting languages to apply for obtaining online info: Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby. Experts recommend considering the five following practices for collecting crucial internet knowledge:

  1. Adopting the precise solutions
  2. Evaluating ethical concerns
  3. Performing detailed proxy management
  4. Keeping an eye on data cleansing
  5. Processing AJAX sites mindfully.

Details vary due to specifics every project has, while the given advice will stay a universal guide to starting expert online analytics.


1. Adopting the precise solutions


Suitability of obtained datasets depends not only on bought dedicated proxies, but also on:

  • Type of targeted sites
  • Internet page structure
  • Obtained elements
  • Involved toolkits.

The core of every internet info extraction endeavor lies in a carefully selected and configured utensil. When dealing with static and well-structured web pages, opting for libraries such as BeautifulSoup or Requests proves effective. Dynamic websites require more sophisticated tools, like Selenium, to navigate and scrape content accurately via the best datacenter proxies.


2. Evaluating ethical concerns


Strict KYC and AML compliance leads to the ethical web data collection. Digital knowledge acquisition is not only a legal obligation but a matter of professional integrity, too. Ethical scraping begins from scrutinizing the website's "robots.txt" file. This URL provides guidelines on which parts of the page are open to crawling and which should remain off-limits. To adhere to ethical standards further, customize the user-agent header in HTTP requests simulating genuine browser behavior.

How to do web scraping as an expert via the best datacenter proxies?


3. Performing detailed proxy management


The dedicated proxies one buys at scaled info gathering activity are controlled by the selected tool, following the example of automating recurrent browser operations. Individual correspondence of a single intermediate IP to a separate profile or software robot determines the amount of residential and mobile proxies to buy. This parameter is double-checked during initial testing along with speed, uptime, and reliability.

Scraping experts advocate for the leverage of external addresses’ rotation mechanisms. Switching between IPs laying within selected geolocation or ISP ensures uninterrupted acquiring of desired knowledge and requires from the infrastructure API support.


4. Keeping an eye on data cleansing


Accurate data extraction hinges on its parsing, scraping and cleaning. Experts begin by thoroughly inspecting the website's HTML source code using default developer tools in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. To navigate the intricacies of HTML, apply API or HTML scraping tools, e.g. BeautifulSoup, and other Python libraries. These tools streamline the extraction process and processing extracted insights in HTML and XML docs. This stage involves:

  1. Deleting unnecessary attributes, tags, null values, columns.
  2. Converting text arrays.
  3. Normalizing output files via CSV editors.
  4. Enriching data.

Suitable solutions for data cleansing include Pandas, Datablist, NumPy, Regex.


5. Processing AJAX sites mindfully


Internet platforms may load content asynchronously via JavaScript and XML. To master this aspect, experts buy residential and mobile proxies with dynamically switching IPs and employ tools like Selenium. They allow automated interactions within the page imitating end-user behavior. Customized explicit waits make software wait for a full site load before any interaction takes place.


How to scrape sites like an expert


Well-considered business decisions rely on accurate and comprehensive knowledge. Obtaining it means improving skills on automated internet insights’ extraction. Expert advice eases the navigation through the best datacenter proxies, mobile and residential IP pools from credible environments for efficient data collection. For that purpose, Dexodata offers to buy dedicated proxies with rotation parameters set by timer, with every new connection or on demand via API and web interface. Strict AML and KYC compliance confirms applicability of our ecosystem to ethical internet scraping


Data gathering made easy with Dexodata