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The Internet is an array of text and multimedia which are constantly changing and growing. In 2020, Cisco estimated the volume of all WWW information at 64 zettabytes. Every zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes. (And every trillion is a thousand billion gigabytes).

It seems incredible to find the desired information there and manage it. But indexing pages and creating web archives helps a lot. Corporate networks for collecting and organizing digital materials, such as Dexodata, also proved to be effective due to extract data with residential rotating proxies one buys.

Why buy residential IPs and mobile?

We set the right environment to obtain reliable information and distribute the load on sites through the best proxies. Datacenter type is preferable, if speed is the priority. To deal with multi-stage verification systems buy residential and mobile proxies as a single HTTPS proxy list. They get legal access to the public content of the page faster. However, there is another classification. According to the status of the IP address, servers are distinguished into static and dynamic.


Static proxies


Persistence is a hallmark of static proxies. They have a fixed IP, it consists of numbers separated by a colon, like This is what every site on the network would look like without the DNS names that we enter in the browser (

Web service providers set a digital ID to each device, including HTTPS proxy list. Buy it to obtain truthful information from the resources you are looking for.

The static IP remains unchanged. It can be used to determine the place a user enters the network, the device he uses and pages he visited.

Buy dedicated proxies and gain reliable helpers in getting and compiling online data. These servers have addresses different from your own. In the early 2000s, datacenter proxies were the best choice, and they were static. Despite corporate purposes, they were used to buy goods or collect their description from locations on Asian, American and European continents.

The disadvantage of the described mechanism is also its constancy. If an intermediary machine gets banned or flagged, the user has to take a new one. It slows down the work and makes the process of collecting information more expensive. The whole HTTPS proxy lists were bought, and fees were charged per IP.

In 2022, changing addresses is a common practice. Dynamic intermediaries, aka geo targeted proxies, are used for such a rotation.


Dynamic (rotating) proxies


Variability is a feature of dynamic proxies. They are able to switch from one IP to another. This is called rotation. If you buy dynamic dedicated proxies through Dexodata, you will get one internal address and an unlimited number of external ones. External IPs are seen as separate by the web resources to which you send requests.

What are static and dynamic dedicated proxies?

The maximum number of external IP addresses available is limited only by the size of the proxy pool in the selected geolocation

Dynamic proxies come into play:

  1. When creating a new connection
  2. After a particular time interval set
  3. On click, forcibly
  4. Via the API command using the GET method.

We use a backconnect proxy to organize rotation. You do not need to enter the host and port numbers manually. Having received a request to change IP, the algorithm will automatically route requests through a new address: of the same type and in the same IP pool as the previous one. The backconnect algorithm on various IP types of trusted proxy websites replaces the outdated lists of server proxies. They forced the users to do everything themselves.


Advantages of IP rotation

Main benefits of changing exteral IP are the following: 

  • Internet connection is not interrupted.

The process of obtaining data and its structuring goes on constantly. A discredited or disconnected remote device is replaced by a new active device without disrupting the stream. Geolocation, provider and ASN remain the same if set in the console. Dynamic dedicated proxies can buy some time. The external resources see the change as one user disconnecting and another requesting access to HTML content.

  • Legal connection status and transparency.

We provide to buyers of HTTPS proxy the IP list with licensed providers. We ask them for compliance with modern AML & KYC web policy. Residential and mobile IPs correspond to household addresses in the region you select. The resource processed through our infrastructure provides reliable information available to ordinary Internet users.

Dexodata offers to buy residential and mobile proxies, get best datacenter proxies networked into a solid web ecosystem. It is a ready-made system of solutions configured to receive and process network data with maximum efficiency.


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