7 key roles web data plays in e-commerce

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Data collection is a crucial element to adjust online sales. Cheap social media proxies have proven themselves in working with Discord and other resources. Today most of the e-commerce enterprises take data-backed decisions as the most profitable. The McKinsey consulting company found out that businesses become 23 times more popular, and operate 19 times more profit than rivals after applying the gathering strategies.

Trusted proxy websites assist e-commerce in gaining data, analyzing it, then implementing the results in Germany or South Africa. Geo targeted proxies from Dexodata form an integrated infrastructure capable of processing scalable info extraction. One can assess the compatibility of datacenter, mobile, and residential proxies during the free trial.

What are e-commerce data collection trends?

Online retail utilizes similar methods based on automated requests sent via residential and mobile proxies companies buy. Depending on the objectives performer chooses, which proxies are best for social media, or gets datacenter geo targeted proxies for a fast-track data obtaining. The type of requested information or its subject determines the way it is collected and applied after one buys residential IP. These trends are:

  1. Rates comparison
  2. Determination of search keywords 
  3. SERP Receipt
  4. Social media scouring


1. Rates comparison


Collecting information about competition prices, then matching it with your own, that is the prime web info harvesting move needed to be done together with a trusted proxy website. 


2. Determination of search keywords 


E-commerce moves forward on search engines and requests of their visitors. One figures out the most popular words and phrases applicable to business, and then complies with them, raising the page traffic. Geo targeted proxies needed to conduct the search in Colombia, Switzerland, etc.


3. SERP Receipt


Recurrent SERP extraction (Search Engine Result Pages) is a technique needed to adopt the leaders’ strategies to keep online retail up and running.


4. Social media scouring


Enterprises are constantly monitoring social media activity to keep themselves in the picture of customer behavior. The best social media proxies are responsible for uninterrupted access to social media on the Big data level.

What is the role of the best social media proxies in e-commerce

Obtaining web-data in e-commerce projects serves four main trends described above


Which purposes does data gaining serve?


The larger the company is, the broader the horizon of planning. Insights taken on the basis of gathered and processed information are adequate to the market state. Amazon started such a practice 13 years ago, which has increased sales by 35% in a single year, says McKinsey & Company

The total volume of data extraction market in 2021 was estimated at almost $1.7 billion. Grand View Research analytics expect it to exceed the amount of $2.1 billion at the year 2022 end.

This is the reason the importance of automated online collection rises, as does the prominence of residential and mobile proxies to buy on a trusted platform. Dexodata operates IP pools from Thailand to Norway, providing a free trial of residential proxies. We have highlighted 7 key e-commerce questions which data gathering provides answers to.


1. What to sell and at what cost?


Competition experience needs to be used to your advantage. The range and prices of goods or services are gathered and compared. We get databases of best-selling positions with total fees, special offers time, shipping costs, etc. to compile an optimal selling strategy. Geo targeted proxies are implied to be used as a balancing infrastructure to perform gaining.


2. How to find an approach to every customer?


The inner or external data should be combined to provide accurate personalization. Due to information received online retail store can:

  • Remind about abandoned items in a cart.
  • Create recommendations according to recently viewed items.
  • Offer services on the basis of the user's location.
  • Make personal recommendations for holidays about top trending goods.


3. How to improve user experience?


Extraction of info from the Web has different scales to be performed at, e.g. big data analytics leads to creating user-friendly UX/UI of site or app. The challenge is to:

  1. Increase the conversion rate above average 3%.
  2. Shorten the time period between entering and making a purchase.
  3. Make visitors repeat the purchases via follow-up e-mails, etc.

Trusted websites with proxies in Chile, Germany, Thailand are needed to get up-to-date cases of successfully organized online-store interfaces.


4. Is it hard to make a strategic business decision?


The demand for best social media proxies grows accordingly to the expanding e-commerce market. The current market is valued at $5.5 trillion with forecast to grow by 56% over the next four years, declares the Statista service. 

The data-driven insights are used to run dedicated long-term marketing strategies in view of demand elasticity. The online information enterprises operate is crucial to enter the retail market with a new product, run the whole new brand, and adjust ongoing sales according to the constantly fluctuating market.


5. Why conduct A/B tests?


The traffic splits into two equal groups, in which members get access to a separate version of e-store. The testing involves different, even conflicting approaches to find a more profitable one. Without data obtaining methods it could be hard to design it.


6. Is predicting the demand possible?


Information gathered from the previous periods forms a basis for creating forecasts of top or low-demand periods, the desired items, sale time, and others. Taking into account the prospective e-commerce market CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 26% before 2029, we await the trend on buying residential and mobile proxies for web data collection. (CAGR calculation performed by SkyQuest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd.)


7. Where to find details for a unique selling proposition?


Comparison to rivals leads to identifying extra-special characteristics, making your product distinct from others. E.g. offer a free trial for residential proxies. As it is the only item possible to satisfy the particular demand, a unique selling proposition (USP) needs to meet the appropriate target audience to improve sales rate. Such a need can also be covered with gathering info, structuring and utilizing it.

Recurrent procedures of web data extraction play an increasingly important role in e-commerce. The overall majority of corporations as long as local businesses gain it:

  • Independently via geo targeted proxies from Dexodata or other trusted ecosystems for analytic needs.
  • Through third-parties services, which provide ready-to-go packets. This method is cheaper but less accurate.

The choice is up to you and the online retail sphere you are into, but do not neglect the sufficient implementation of web data for business insights. Get reliable IP addresses in Germany, South Africa, Colombia, Switzerland, Chile, Thailand or Norway from a trusted proxy website. Be aware of market situations to know the drill in any case.


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