Why is mobile app scraping so popular?

Contents of article:

  1. Reasons to use scraping mobile apps with social media proxy
  2. What opportunities does mobile data collection provide?
  3. What does API stand for?
  4. What are the main characteristics of scraping mobile apps?
  5. How does mobile API scraping involve mobile network proxies?
  6. Why is it necessary to apply scraping to mobile applications?

Trusted ecosystems for data analytics have multiple methods of application. E-commerce market players buy residential and mobile proxies cheap enough to deploy appropriate insights’ gathering infrastructure and make considered business decisions.

Dexodata is a trusted proxy website that provides access to intermediate servers in 100+ countries through a single-paged innovative dashboard. Among our main activities is serving datacenter, mobile, residential proxies for collecting public information at scale.

Meanwhile smartphone apps are becoming a source of reliable commercial knowledge. It has reached significance as never before.

Reasons to use scraping mobile apps with social media proxy

Total number of smartphones around the globe exceeded 6.5 billion and is projected to achieve 7.69 billion by 2027, considers Statista. Android and iOS platforms hold over 7 million applications. This includes software for:

  1. Shopping
  2. Social activity
  3. Entertainment
  4. Education
  5. Maintaining technics
  6. Improving lifestyle
  7. Gaming, etc.

Portable devices are utilized in every human life sphere and, therefore, they supply actual, reliable info on any business line. The challenge is to get access to publicly available data and gather it. To do so one needs to buy mobile proxy or plenty of them.


What opportunities does mobile data collection provide?


Retrieval of extensive web insight with AI-powered tools is leveraged in multiple spheres to raise awareness of current and future trends. This is useful for:

  • Discovering consumer sentiment
  • Studying competitors’ experience
  • Automating routine procedures, including IP rotation for every cheap mobile proxy
  • Detailed apps’ operation principles learning
  • Developing new or improving existing products
  • Raising cybersecurity level.

Residential, mobile proxy server or datacenter IP is capable of deploying a private connection. It sends requests to applications in a manner that is relevant to common users behavior. That allows obtaining necessary info via API.


What does API stand for?


API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of rules making different software programs, frameworks or websites understand each other and exchange data packets. This is a basic procedure for online communication.

Mobile API functions like this:

  1. End-user device sends a request, e.g. to refresh the Instagram feed
  2. Server receives it and checks its URL and HTTP method, GET, for example
  3. Head and body of a request contain metadata and detailed characteristics of  expected answer
  4. Server decides whether the obtained command is correct, passing the command through anti-spam or anti-fraud filters. In case of harvesting data at scale mobile, residential proxy may be needed to avoid restrictions
  5. As soon as the decision is positive, the server refers to endpoints and compiles an answer, which is sent to the end-user smartphone.

API unites internet resources to the global network and allows third-party applications to interact smoothly. Content can be collected in case it involves no private sensitive details. Then analytics utilize special tools with trusted proxy websites, such as Dexodata.


What are the main characteristics of scraping mobile apps?


Acquiring insights from software made for portable devices has numeral features, such as:

  • Flexibility of methods used
  • Scaling research activity
  • Automatized work, including procedures based on machine learning
  • Customized HTTP headers and period of requests’ sending
  • Accurate info collection
  • Trusted proxy websites compatibility.

Applying AI-based tools simplifies acquiring content and characteristics of users. Analytics compare mobile software with features presented on a company’s website or determine URLs engaged in their functioning. Also it is possible to extract actual, up-to-date details and reveal the mechanisms of Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework interacting with UI. Along with screen scraping utilization, these methods are crucial for developing new products or improving user experience in current projects.


How does mobile API scraping involve mobile network proxies?


The main purpose of web harvesting solutions is to find particular information. Then extract, process, and present it in a tagged, structured form. Due to enormous amounts of bytes flowing online and complex apps’ structure, one needs middlebox nodes. They assist in distributing the load on target applications, ensure privacy, overcome online checks, and set a proper geolocation for reliable results. In accordance with Android or iOS digital fingerprint, every mobile proxy buy is capable of providing relevant appeal to internal resources. AI-powered web analytics is also used to automate recurrent actions.

The main obstacles to overcome during automated acquiring procedure are:

  • Interception of HTTP requests to reveal the transmission methods
  • Detection of connection types to servers
  • Identifying the used protocol type
  • Structuring obtained insights
  • Finding finances for development and maintenance.

What are the reasons to use scraping mobile apps

Harvesting tools are intended to isolate and obtain different aspects of working programs at scale

API may put limits on the amount and kinds of data one tries to collect from mobile applications. A mobile proxy trial is required to verify the compatibility of chosen software and intermediaries. We provide all our IP pools in 100+ countries for test and put no limits on features or geolocations.


Why is it necessary to apply scraping to mobile applications?


Total number of mobile apps running on iOS and Android has exceeded 7 million. They function in every sphere of society and therefore are a valuable source of actual information on every aspect of modern life.

Mobile app scraping with social media proxies is an important tool for businesses to:

  • Collect reliable commercial knowledge
  • Raise awareness of current and future trends
  • Automate recurrent actions
  • Make informed business decisions.

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