Dexodata partner program

Contents of article:

  1. The primary points of the partner program
  2. How does the partner program work?
  3. Distinguishing characteristics of Dexodata partner program
  4. Methods to generate income
  5. Notes to be mentioned

Dexodata is an innovative web infrastructure designed to collect and manage accurate data at scale. Our solutions are available to any business representatives and individuals.

We offer a free trial of residential proxies, best datacenter and mobile proxies. The reason is the confidence in compatibility and stability of the ecosystem we’ve created. But our clients are the ones that make the last call. Gathering user impressions on our mobile geo targeted proxies, we’ve developed the affiliate program to encourage our most active clients.

The primary points of the partner program

The main idea is to supply our customers with financial benefits for every new user they invite. It is implemented as a recurrent commission and includes three features.

  1. The current users get from 5 to 10% from every payment made by partners they invite to our ecosystem. It is a lifetime profit.
  2. The more one’s business acquaintances buy datacenter, residential and mobile proxies, the more is the commission amount.
  3. Our platform can offer special and more profitable arrangements to the most successful participants.


How does the partner program work?


Every customer gets an unique ID and a personal hyperlink. It can be shared on blogs, on YouTube, in Twitter, in lists on landing pages, etc. Everyone who creates an account on our data obtaining platform becomes a partner of a current customer. 

When the newcomer tops up the account to buy SOCKS proxy (or HTTPS), you will get a financial gratitude. It is a sum of money coming to your account. That repeats with all your network participants and all the time they buy datacenter, residential and mobile proxies. Every newcomer is entitled to rotating proxies free trial.


Distinguishing characteristics of Dexodata partner program


1. Recurrent withdraws. 

All the payments provided by the members of your referral network bring you benefits. It is a lifetime source of additional income.

2. Two-sided integration. 

There are two forms of partner programs:

  1. Affiliate 
  2. Referral

Affiliate collaboration is intended for third-parties promoting the product or services to the target audience. The participants are mostly popular content-makers, who get a fee for every new customer engaged in buying SOCKS proxies, or ask for residential proxies free trial. Affiliate rewards come in a cash form.

Participation in a referral program has more private character. It focuses on current customers offering them bonuses for inviting more users. The encouragement is not financial, and includes bonus cards, gift certificates, discounts, additional account points, etc.

Why Dexodata partner program is profitable

Every new Dexodata user brings you lifiteme reward

Dexodata compiled both partner programs. One deserves to get cash for telling others what is our ecosystem and how to use it. But also one can spend money on geo targeted proxies, including best datacenter proxies you can get for money, in the most convenient way. That is why we top up balances of our users with cash they can withdraw

3. Dynamically rising rewards

The more new clients you provide, the higher is the percentage you get from partners’ payments. Basic share is 5%. The program’s participants get it, until 10 companies or individuals become our clients via their referral link. Then the commission becomes 7%. And if there will be 15 new referral users, there’ll be a 10% bonus from all the deposits made by clients affiliated with you. 

4. Instant access to dashboard and fast withdrawal

You can join the promotion of our best datacenter proxies right after signing up. The details of the referral scheme are unified for all types of geo targeted proxies. Withdraw money anytime to credit card or in cryptocurrency if needed after you’ll collect at least $15 on account.

5. Easy participation

One becomes a referral program participant by default. No technical knowledge or marketing skills needed to increase the number of referral partners. 

All relevant information is available in F.A.Q. section on the website, while technical support is ready to clarify all the unclear details of processing data through best datacenter proxies. Ask for promotional materials optimized for the most popular advertisement formats.


Methods to generate income


The main way to make an affiliate program more profitable is to spread the personal link. Tell as often as possible about profits of buying residential and mobile proxies. This could be done by:

  • Post the link in a corporate or private blog.
  • Contact our Marketing Department and become the official partner of our enterprise gathering framework.
  • Write a review on our service or make a Youtube video about us with a personal link in description.
  • Discuss the possibilities in thematic threads on Reddit, GitHub, etc.
  • Send e-mails to trusted current associates and draw attention to our platform.


Notes to be mentioned


There are no limits on the number of colleagues you can invite or the income you can get. But keep in mind some aspects crucial for successful partnership:

  1. All third-parties must be aware of using Dexodata. All rights on trademark and intellectual property are reserved.
  2. Mention the strict compliance of KYC and AML policies. We ask our users to accept the terms of End User License Agreement pass a single-step verification after the residential proxies free trial was provided. No black hat techniques in promotion allowed.
  3. The newcomers are considered as members of your referral network after the first bills are passed on their behalf.

Dexodata is the trustworthy partner in extracting and processing web data on your demand. Buy SOCKS5 proxies or HTTPS servers suitable to your enterprise needs. We are committed to permanent and long-term cooperation with all interested business representatives and individuals.


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