5 important reasons for e-commerce to buy residential IPs in 2023

Contents of article:

  1. Why buy dedicated proxies for e-commerce?
  2. 6 causes to enhance e-commerce with web data acquiring
  3. How to get free access to the global market?
  4. How do geo targeted proxies improve cybersecurity?
  5. How do rotating datacenter proxies boost performance?
  6. How to scale up e-commerce with best datacenter proxies?
  7. Conclusion

E-commerce is a rapidly growing web trading sphere. In three years every fourth purchase on Earth is expected to be made on the internet. As stated by Insider Intelligence, selling goods and services via the Web involves $6.3 trillion of global trade turnover in 2023. Dexodata proxies for social networks are considered as a middlebox tool developing internal structure and external trade relations. Today we will list the purposes to buy residential and mobile proxies for running e-commerce projects.

Why buy dedicated proxies for e-commerce?

Main objective of intermediate business tools, such as SRM-software, ML-driven algorithms or footsite proxy dedicated, is obtaining intelligence about the market and its particular agents’ status. This knowledge is crucial for making objective data-based decisions, including prediction. Logical consequence of this approach is the necessity to set up and test every solution, so free residential proxy trials by trusted platforms for raising data analytics at scale is welcomed.

Proxies’ application in e-commerce pursues the following goals:

  1. Acquiring data for analytics
  2. Hassle-free access to global markets
  3. Control over privacy aspects
  4. Improved performance
  5. Scaling goods/services coverage.

Every item from the list has multiple objectives and advantages explained below, so you can buy dedicated IP proxy thoughtfully.


6 causes to enhance e-commerce with web data acquiring 


Automated gathering algorithms based on machine learning, that is the driven mechanism of obtaining market intelligence. One needs a lot of structured information to make considered decisions about development strategies. If you know how to get residential IPs and mobile ones, the gathering and analyzing stages are proceeded smoothly. Intermediate IP addresses pass flagging or blocking mechanisms on target web pages unnoticed.

Collected data is ready for application after the parsing phase. Structured information is presented as CSV, JSON or XLS to pass the exploration. It contains:

  1. Rivals’ prices and market positions
  2. Characteristics of products
  3. Reviews and descriptions
  4. Consumer sentiment
  5. SEO indicators
  6. Sources of web traffic, and more.


How to get free access to the global market?


Modern AI-driven solutions for supply chains are optimized to the global market condition with spaced suppliers, distributors, and customers. Trusted proxy websites, such as Dexodata, realize it, providing in 2023 footsite proxies with residential proxy free trial with IPs from 1000+ areas around the globe. Precise geolocation assists in searching a particular target audience and appealing to it. Local restrictions are passed.

Why e-commerce businesses buy residential and mobile proxies in 2023

Leverage of proxy servers has a positive effect on e-commerce metrics


How do geo targeted proxies improve cybersecurity?


Data gathering infrastructure acts as a protecting buffer between your online activities and third-party servers. Middlebox IP addresses keep privacy of ingoing and outgoing data packets raising the cybersecurity level. Proxies for social networks also serve to:

  • Filter insecure content
  • Prevent data breaches
  • Intercept suspicious HTTP requests
  • Avoid web traffic tracking
  • Restrict access to phishing e-mails or malware sites.


How do rotating datacenter proxies boost performance?


Growing businesses require more network resources and experience lack of internet entrance nodes of the developing infrastructure. E-commerce platforms may face lack of customers in case of slow unstable performance. Companies buy mobile proxies, residential IPs or dedicated datacenter proxies to cache web page content and spare resources after a proper set-up. Requests are processed faster while network load is distributed via multiple IPs.

User experience is significant and, hence, webmasters test usability of apps, sites and marketplaces. Intermediate IPs provide a relevant connection from chosen geolocation. 


How to scale up e-commerce with best datacenter proxies?


Development of e-commerce projects requires detailed inspection of every aspect. Developers study UX/UI shells via footsite proxies to check operability on multiple operational systems. 

AI-based tools automate routine procedures, such as price adjustment or client support. The highest performance is achieved via secured proxy connections.




E-commerce is a highly competitive business. Developing well-considered strategies requires awareness of market conditions, internal processes control, and high functionality. That is what Dexodata info deriving infrastructure is perfect for. 

In 2023 we grant free trials of residential proxies, datacenter or dedicated mobile proxy to enterprises interested in long-term cooperation. Contact our Client support to learn more about pricing plans and features of dynamic dedicated proxies.


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