Why use Amazon proxies: 3 fundamental reasons

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  1. 3 rationales why buy Amazon proxies from a trusted proxy website
  2. Dexodata as a trusted proxy website to buy proxies for Amazon

There is no way to escape Amazon while working in e-commerce. As a dominant player in this industry it sets the rules and defines the trends. Here are some figures highlighting its global leadership:

Analysts, production managers, logistics experts, marketers, researchers, economic journalists, and other experts take interest in grabbing and assessing Amazon’s data. It is a frequent reason for them to contact trusted proxy websites and apply geo targeted proxies of various types as Amazon scraping proxies. Without dependable Amazon proxies countless prices, offerings, rankings, ratings, reviews, and more will stay out of reach. As an outcome, ill-informed decisions can be made, which leads to losing the race for success in online trade. This piece intends to highlight what are the reasons to buy proxies to scrape Amazon, and how the best Amazon proxies function.

3 rationales why buy Amazon proxies from a trusted proxy website

There are three reasons to resort to geo targeted proxies from trusted proxy websites while harvesting data from Amazon:

  1. The issue of scaling. Manual collection is not an option. This juggernaut is too big to copy and paste. Therefore, automated solutions become relevant, as they are capable of sending multiple queries within a short space of time. Such programs need assistance from Amazon bot proxies. Otherwise the system detects excessive requests flowing from the same location and view them as an attempt of unauthorized access. Then the system puts an end to these procedures by red-flagging the IP. The latter must be relevant and be perceived as original domestic or mobile address.

  2. The issue of location. In line with other online stores, Amazon habitually varies prices in different areas. To get a complete and clear picture it is reasonable to examine every niche from several geographical points. This factor, again, mandates usage of geo targeted proxies.

  3. The issue of rotation. The best proxies for Amazon need to be dynamic. Its advanced “machinery” gets suspicious when it observes anything that looks like an external IP covering the real one. It might not restrict such an activity outright, but it is not uncommon for it to generate and display false details. That is why each query has to rely on a unique IP. Once you get a response, you require a fresh one for the next mini-round of information gathering. So make sure the pool is wide enough before proceeding with a scraping session.

Why use Amazon proxies from trusted proxy websites

Complexities solved via proxy servers deployment


Dexodata as a trusted proxy website to buy proxies for Amazon


The Dexodata ecosystem of whitelisted and ethically sourced IP-addresses matches all criteria people consider when there is a need to buy proxies for Amazon:

  • Both residential and mobile network alternatives available. Our team does not recommend datacenter proxies for this scenario.
  • Cost-effective plans, starting from $7.3 per 1 Gb.
  • Customizable rotation modes, including changing external IP address by API, by timer, with every connection to a target page or manually through the web interface.
  • Circle of over 100 countries to operate from, encompassing the US, Chile, Canada, Turkey, the UK, all major EU member states, etc.

New users can request a proxy free trial to test our trusted proxy website in action. There is everything in place to get valuable public data from Amazon. Draw conclusions and outcompete rivals in this growing and lucrative e-commerce segment with our assistance and advice on choosing the perfect data harvesting tools.


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