World Standards Day: Challenges to overcome via ethical geo targeted proxies

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World Standards Day, October 14th. This is the day that brings together business circles, authorities, non-governmental entities, and research teams over the globe. The initiative’s goal is showing the role of a unified approach to technological progress. Geo targeted proxies by Dexodata contribute to the business evolution serving as intermediaries for online data analytics. We also follow legislative and ethical policies that are a significant component in a “shared vision for a better world” concept. That’s how the theme of World Standards Day-2023 sounds, highlighting the key unification challenges along the countermeasures withstanding them.

What is World Standards Day and what obstacles it withstands with geo targeted proxies

Established in honor of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) foundation, World Standards Day draws attention to unified rules implemented by WTO and its allies. As an ecosystem offering to buy residential and mobile proxies compliant with AML and KYC policies, we’ve emphasized five main obstacles to the complete standards’ acceptance:

  1. Standardization lacks
  2. Trade barriers
  3. Inequality
  4. Environmental concerns
  5. Shortage of interoperability and innovation.

Overcoming these complications raises the transparency and accessibility of online analytics based on buying HTTPS proxy lists and operating publicly available data.


#1 Addressing the standardization lacks


In the absence of international standards, products and services can vary significantly in terms of quality, safety, and efficiency. This lack of unification in terms of collecting and processing internet information:

  • Leads to inefficiencies
  • Harms particular sites or apps
  • Violates ethical web scraping status.

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) practices ensure consistent financial service standards worldwide. Ethically maintained geo targeted proxies with strict AML/KYC compliance minimize risks associated with disapproved web data harvesting practices.


#2 Breaking down trade barriers


Differing regulations across countries create complications to international trade. Businesses face difficulties in expanding and competing in global markets. Such barriers hinder economic growth, reduce access to comparative analytics, and delay supply chain improvements made by companies that buy HTTPS proxy lists for it. GDPR and CCPA regulations harmonize data protection standards on the governmental level, facilitating informational exchange across borders. This common framework encourages international cooperation.

What are World Standards day goals interpreted by geo targeted proxies


#3 Advancing inequality


Unequal access to products and services appears because of:

  1. Socioeconomic disparities
  2. Gender biases
  3. Discriminating marketing strategies. 

This inequality extends to technology and data restrictions, limiting opportunities for buying residential and mobile proxies or applying intermediate IPs for e-commerce. Credible infrastructures for gathering and analyzing public info sources follow GDPR and CCPA laws. This advocates equal rights for all enterprises or individual entrepreneurs, promoting digital equity, social responsibility, and human rights’ compliance.


#4 Easing environmental concerns


Unsustainable production has a detrimental impact on the environment posing a threat to the green economy. International Standards Day reminds of harmful practices led by the lack of standards or their improper implementation. Operating eco-friendly geo targeted proxies means a confidence in operating servers powered by renewable energy. It’s an unobvious still important step to ethical web scraping in 2023 possible due to KYC and AML checks of business partners we employ.


#5 Eliminating shortage of interoperability and innovation


Absence of universal safety and interoperability standards may stifle innovation and hinder access to global markets. Ability to buy a HTTPS proxy list in 100+ countries eliminates hurdles based on unequal accessibility of internet insights. Innovation thrives when technologies and systems are universally safe, compatible, and ethically compliant. KYC and AML norms ensure financial technologies and systems operate securely and uniformly worldwide. That allows reliable infrastructures for raising online analytics level to:

  • Implement 5G and LTE IP pools
  • Deploy SOCKS5 or HTTPS support for every port
  • Sustain API compatibility with headless browsers
  • Provide precise targeting by state, city, provider, mobile carrier, and ASN.


World Standards Day and its influence on business activity via bought HTTPS proxy lists


As an ethical internet ecosystem we support global standardization via strict KYC and AML policies’ compliance. Our platform solves complications of distributing global regulations, overcomes trade barriers, inequality, and interoperability issues. By adhering to approved standards, we look forward to a sustainable and innovative future. Share vision for a better world by buying Dexodata’s residential and mobile proxies or follow our experts’ tips on ethical public data handling.


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