6 unobvious reasons to make Dexodata your main tool

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The Internet in 2023 has become a familiar working tool. It is an entertainment source, way of communication and a learning tool at the same time. Each area requires creating and processing gigabytes of content. That's where an enterprise data collection framework like Dexodata comes in with 4G mobile proxies and best datacenter proxies, both static and dynamic.

Where is the trusted proxy website Dexodata used?

Here we have compiled a list of six most popular cases of Dexodata applied. They are:

  1. Load distribution
  2. Relevant information search
  3. SEO maintaining
  4. SMM campaigns
  5. Geolocation compliance
  6. Safety control.


1. Load distribution


We distribute the network load while you collect information through the geo targeted proxies. They can be deployed in a protective firewall guarding sensitive resources and enterprise documents. It serves to:

  • Restrict competitors’ access
  • Avoid malware
  • Block phishing resources.

Premature protection against online threats saves financial and human resources from fixing leaks / hackers activity. It is more reasonable to buy mobile and residential proxies than trying to apply free offers.


2. Relevant information search


Web analytics and forecasting start in the same way, from the search for relevant information online. It is divided into categories. Garbage type is eliminated while useful for work data is structured in .xls tables.

The resources being searched are able to restrict incoming requests. Unless the subject has bought proxies for geo surfing. They are crucial for big data handling. When requests exceed the limit on a single TCP connection, the target address closes access. It can even start spoofing, and deliberately give out incorrect information. All jobs done will be meaningless. Because the result will not correspond to reality.

For this, you need to buy residential IPs. After setting up geolocation, set up rules for changing the external addresses. The infrastructure will start constantly renewing. As a result, local restrictions will no longer block connections of yours.


3. SEO maintaining


A robust public data ecosystem is indispensable in advertising. Each product requires a study of the market situation before promotion. Without analyzing successful cases of competitors, it will be more difficult to find the “highlight” of the company. Avoiding this phase will reduce advertising campaign coverage.

It is better to rely on 4G mobile proxies and geo targeted proxies in SEO. They are integrated into our enterprise infrastructure. Use it to collect the keywords, to specify the target audience. Otherwise buy residential IP to deal with high-secured social networks and marketplaces. The data obtaining processes will go smoothly no matter what industry you are in.


4. SMM campaigns


To find customers, enterprises need accounts on social networks. These services limit the traffic, cut the opportunities of sellers who haven't bought proxies for geo surfing. Without them, it’s almost possible to distribute GET requests between social network servers. Otherwise target pages will block access.

Why buy residential and mobile proxies for geo surfing at Dexodata?

Social media proxies allow dozens of concurrent connections within a single page without the need to pass security checks

The more social networks are covered by SMM campaigns, the more extensive the intermediary network for working with traffic should be. We manage enough geo targeted proxies to support your most ambitious plans.

Dexodata increases the percentage of successful requests. Vice versa, our algorithms reduce the suspicion of defending robots. We provide verified pools of IPv4 and IPv6 proxy servers and teach how to choose between them. First will save current business from pauses. The NAT algorithm at the network protocol level allows access to dozens of servers through one external address. IPv6 does not need such precautions. It delivers data packets faster. Given the exponential growth of the audience, this is a requested feature.


5. Geolocation compliance


Sites are reluctant to work with proxy servers whose geolocation differs from their own. Therefore, a structured approach is required. You set a geo-reference to the desired location in your profile, buy residential IPs with the required properties. After that, the obstacle to downloading the necessary information disappears. Our list of possible entry points includes hundreds of cities and states. Choose 4G mobile proxies or residential IP pools.


6. Safety control


First dedicated proxies to buy were considered as a networking safety measure, as shows our research of proxy history. We maintain a legal transparency policy. Why just buy proxies for geo surfing, if you are able to get the servers assembled in compliance with KYC and AML. Therefore, we have introduced two-way control.

Firstly, we monitor the legal status of all geo-targeted proxies, update them and get rid of flagged ones. Hence the stability of the platform to network loads, since 99.9% of the infrastructure is always online.

Secondly, we keep track of how proxy server resources are used. Transparent data streams give the possibility to track suspicious actions, preventing fraudulent activity. Every user needs to pass verification. The compliance team picks the statistics to improve stability. Special AI learns to recognize illegal actions beforehand. It restricts such unethical connections.

Take advantage of test access, enjoy our turnkey data acquisition, processing and analysis solutions. We will be glad to answer your questions. Contact us to get advice on the technical aspects of the work.


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