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Marketers who perceive Instagram as a thing of the past are wrong. We can claim so as we are the trusted platform for developing web analytics and providing mobile proxies for Instagram daily.

Instagram is the 4th top visited web platform among global social media services in 2023  following the all-mighty Facebook space, YouTube, and WhatsApp. 2 billion active users sign in its app and web version every month.

The advertising activity taken on Instagram last year is valued at $43.2 billion. It is one billion USD more than a year ago, and the metrics are still growing. Such popularity is the main reason to utilize Instagram trends for promoting your business to target audiences of users younger than 35 years, who account for 70% of total customers.

Today our data gathering and processing platform offers an overview of reach-growing methods to be performed via automated marketing software with Dexodata geo targeted proxies implemented and a private proxy free trial available to new users. You will see that social proxies Instagram automation paves way to success.

Geo targeted proxies for Instagram explained

Protected automatization solutions provide assistance for companies running several accounts at once across multiple locations. Automating via mobile proxies for Instagram applies the following procedures:

  • User acquisition, i.e. getting new ‘supporters’ by following matching accounts.
  • Leaving comments and reacting to posts.
  • Identifying and appropriating trendy hashtags. 

Dexodata geo targeted proxies make it possible for teams to manage their special software with greater efficiency. Social platforms function more productively when the IP of a profile complements the assumed geolocation. It holds true for discovery and targeting options as well. This is in particular true for businesses running several accounts simulaneously across various different geos. In these situations, intermediate IP addresses make it possible for companies to smoothly switch between social media profiles and perform ‘local-focused’ actions, such as location tagging. With us, one can get access to a modern ecosystem to run Instagram bot proxies with localized IP. 


Ways to apply proxies for social networks to Instagram


Various methods of implementing geo targeted proxies include:

  1. Business forecasting
  2. Gathering crucial insights
  3. Retail control
  4. E-commerce development
  5. Verification of advertising results
  6. Protecting brands and technologies.

A private proxy free trial is recommended to be taken before obtaining IP lists to check software settings and choose the most suitable pricing plan. Numerous usage ways are also applicable to Instagram.

How to use geo targeted proxies for Instagram

Ways to implement middlebox proxy solutions for Instagram


Account management


Multiple accounts are required for marketing campaigns and efforts, especially in various locations. The best idea is resorting to network intermediaries, including whitelisted residential IPs. This measure will provide a pool of geo-specific addresses per every individual profile. This is the best safeguard against the risk of interruption the data processing due to the initial platform's actions. So make sure to purchase mobile proxies for Instagram.


Sales intelligence


Cost-effective marketing mandates a need for deep analytics covering followers and profiles, common trends, and hashtags. Some public data is also needed to make the best-data driven decisions concerning the best times to publish content, text lengths, and formats. The most optimal way to gather information is to use special tools protected by middlebox connection.


Influencer marketing


Another direction for dedicated software tools is to verify the performance of your marketing campaigns. On the one hand, Instagram proxies help understand whether everything is shown how it is planned. On the other hand, software robots can also harvest influencers’ profiles in order to identify the best-matching influencers for effective marketing.

Whatever the goals pursued, our trusted platform with 100+ countries will give you the exact combo of addresses you need. Consult technical support for free qualified advice on most suitable IP types and compatible software. Request a private proxy free trial  to run tests. This is the optimal direction to buy proxies for Instagram bots and give a try to the best proxies for Instagram automation.    


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