Why use residential proxies for data harvesting? 5 arguments from a trusted proxy website

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There are plenty of reasons to scrape web data. One can name market research, social media efforts, competitive analysis, etc. It is also self-evident that IP addresses provided by a trusted proxy website are a must-have in this situation. Without them, harvesting info on the Web implies the risk of red-flagging. A crucial question remains, however. What sort of proxies should it be? Do analysts need to buy residential IPs or request a residential proxy free trial? Or is it better to apply inexpensive data center-based offerings? This piece intends to explain why the residential proxy vs. datacenter proxy dilemma supposes an obvious answer. Even a cheap residential IP is better in comparison with seemingly cost-effective data center-related alternatives.

There is no shortage of articles highlighting the pros and cons of residential vs. datacenter proxies. The mission of this post is to revisit the topic against the backdrop of data scraping and the residential proxies' advantages for this procedure.

Reasons to buy residential IPs

Scraping data on the internet is a delicate yet resource-intensive business activity. That is why the future of data harvesting seems to be connected with ChatGPT and other AI-driven solutions. They ease the programming part of job while the residential intermediaries surpass datacenter IPs in the key dimensions, including:

  1. Privacy
  2. Geo targeting
  3. Volume of requests
  4. Caps on the number of simultaneous sessions
  5. Space for automation.  


1. Enhanced privacy 


Modern web presences and social media can monitor each IP trying to establish a connection. It means they are ready to recognize any datacenter proxy, since all of them are well-known and easily identifiable. For productive web scraping efforts, the residential type of rotating proxies (free trial opportunities included) is universally better. By directing requests via real-based home-based IPs, trusted proxy websites ensure sufficient privacy for gathering.


2. Advanced geo targeting potential


There is no secret that pages, search engines, and social media promote geography-specific:

  • Messages
  • Creatives
  • Information.

A person seeking to access location-determined data, applies residential addresses with geo targeting as the best possible shot. In the residential proxy vs. datacenter proxy frame, being free to "travel" across the globe virtually, instead of relying on a single data center, is a potent leverage. A short and limited residential proxy free trial would suffice to fully verify such a claim.

Reasons to buy cheap residential IPs for data gathering


3. Higher volumes of requests available


Web scraping campaigns mandate sending significant volumes of queries to sites of interest. In case data center-dependent facilities are activated too frequently for this goal, the chances of facing restrictions are pretty high. When a user prefers to buy residential IPs of the dynamic type, the desired volume of requests becomes more feasible, with no risks and threats of red-flagging.


4. No limits imposed on concurrent sessions


While using residential proxies for data harvesting, one has to be capable of sending requests to multiple platforms concurrently. Mobile proxies 4G, residential proxies, and datacenter IP addresses are all options to check. But if you try a rotating proxies free trial from the very outset, these IPs from ISPs will be quick to satisfy you with their stability and multitasking potential. 


5. Greater compatibility with automation tools


Finally, automation tools are a magnet for those who work with trusted proxy websites and buy residential IPs. For instance, if an individual takes interest in web scraping for search engine optimization purposes or SMM activities, residential proxy providers would normally support their SEO and social media robotization software. On this basis, it will be no big deal to save time and money while attaining great results.  


Dexodata as a place to buy residential IPs for web scraping


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