Big data: a quick look on the market

Contents of article:

  1. What does big data with geo targeted proxies stand for?
  2. Big data statistics to learn and use
  3. How to gather big data successfully?
  4. How are proxies involved in big data obtaining?

Our company provides solutions to work with large data amounts. We have created Dexodata, an enterprise platform based on best datacenter proxies, residential and 4G mobile proxies. You can use them as individual transparent web tools. Ask for a proxy free trial to test the load infrastructure withdraws. Because you’ll need a trustworthy partner to process the big data.

What does big data with geo targeted proxies stand for?

The term itself became wide-known about 8 years ago. We can say, without hesitation, that big data is a huge volume of information. Enormously huge. A precise definition may vary in USA or Malaysia (SOCKS5 proxies locations you can buy from), but usually ‘big data’ is meant to consider at least 1 petabyte. It includes 1024  terabytes of information. 1024 of petabytes is one exabyte. By "big data" is often meant the whole action circle:

  • Obtaining data 
  • Processing it
  • Filtering info out
  • Sorting it
  • Providing the result as a database.


Big data statistics to learn and use


The term popularity occupied the highest position in 2014, according to Google Search statistics. By the end of 2019 "big data" extended to other spheres, such as data science and business analytics. The best datacenter proxies are the essential tools in every business mentioned. The technology has made its way into IT, financial, health care, researching enterprises and even entertainment. They bring much profit to various companies. The demand for 4G mobile proxies in Belgium and UAE (United Arab Emirates) has been growing along with the rising demand for big data calculations. 

The main indication that big data is important is the statistics. All the specialists in this sphere are demanded in the market. HR headhunters are looking for the well-educated applicants skilled in data science.Just have a look:

  1. The money involved in big data strategies in 2019 was $50 billion dollars.
  2. It is valued at $70 billion now.
  3. The big data market is set to reach a $103 billion value by 2027 (according to Statista).

Social networks are interested most in modern data technologies experts. Recruiting agencies are echoing them. It is hard to name successful companies without professional analysts on staff. They work with big data, know where to buy residential and mobile proxies and how to use them. The reasons enterprises are involved in hunting pro IT staff are the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence applying
  • Client needs analysis
  • Efficiency improvement.

How Dexodata 4G mobile proxies help to obtain and process big data

There are at least 3 reasons to hire big data experts 

The last is performed through operational analytics. It’s a kind of business intelligence used to optimize costs and bring new clients. Our clients can get a free trial of proxies in Colombia, Switzerland or Ireland at any time.


How to gather big data successfully?


The modern methods of extracting web data were designed to manage petabytes and exabytes of information. Harvesting tools are automated algorithms necessary to get the info from the public online sources. Dexodata successfully implements all the demands as a solid enterprise data obtaining infrastructure. We combine the best datacenter proxies, 4G mobile proxies, and residential IPs to buy. All nodes are organized into geo located pools under AI control. The application field for our technologies is quite wide:

  1. E-commerce uses data harvesting every day. The goal is to boost sales in different spheres incl. B2B and B2C-based fields.
  2. Data gathering serves to correlate prices. We help to analyze the average prices of the goods and services that are demandable on the market most. The most effective way is to buy SOCKS5 proxies and HTTP proxies.
  3. Competitive enterprises use this tool to get ahead in the issuance of search engines. Marketing departments create ad campaign concepts, run it, and correct the principles of presenting banners to target audience.

Working with grand volumes of transferred byte packets is such an undertaking. It requires powerful resources to make necessary calculations and provide exact analysis. The infrastructure has to be reliable enough to maintain strict loads of requests sent and obtained. Our data obtaining platform is widely used there. That is because of the free proxy trial we offer.

During work servers send millions of signals to the sites. Interim nodes in the meantime balance the streams. As a result, the defending systems on target sites can slow down or ban the proxy.


How are proxies involved in big data obtaining?


Residential and mobile proxies are bought to keep the process ongoing. They change IP when necessary. This ability is crucial to pass website checks. We have described earlier our rotating proxies, which have highly detailed geo-targeting settings, and the performer can gain data from particular state, city, and domestic (or mobile) service providers. 

The best ecosystems are paid, so it is not worth paying attention to free tools. Dexodata platform provides the chance to manage the business easily. Proxies we offer to buy support both SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols. They are located in Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Ireland, USA, Malaysia and Switzerland. Anyone can get a free trial of paid proxies to test their sustainability.

Such features guarantee the highest performance and belong to the list of leading solutions on the data obtaining market.


Data gathering made easy with Dexodata