10 credible reasons to use Dexodata

Contents of article:

  1. Rotating IPs
  2. Flexible settings system
  3. Customizable pricing
  4. All-purpose control panel
  5. Immediate job start
  6. Favorable pricing policy
  7. Built-in encryption algorithm
  8. High compatibility
  9. Live expert tech support
  10. Beneficial partner program

Dexodata is a comprehensive data collection and processing ecosystem. We work in a legal framework in accordance with the transparency policy in End User License Agreement and support the principles of AML and KYC. With us, you do not buy proxies for geo surfing. Instead of it you get a ready-made integrated solution for working with public data in Germany, Philippines or any other country. Earlier we have covered how to earn with geo targeted proxies on our partner program. Today the article is devoted to the main advantages of the proposed online infrastructure.

1. Rotating IPs

A static fixed IP is convenient in e-Commerce. They buy residential IPs for developing accounts in social networks, posting ads and posts. Also they buy residential proxies to use them as non-removable hotspots.

This strategy, however, proved to be ineffective in handling thousands of requests. Static addresses may be subject to restrictions from sites. This will lead to at least a log-out from the account, and in the worst case, to a ban or the account loss.

Therefore, we provide the opportunity to change the external IP address of proxy servers. You can enjoy this function:

  • through the API console
  • by setting the timer
  • by pressing a key in the web menu.

The duration of a “sticky” session is only limited by provider stability and common sense. We recommend not to exceed the period of 20 minutes.

When updating the IP, the new address will retain the geolocation specified while gaining a geo targeted proxy. This reduces the likelihood of failure, log-out and ban. The function is available for all types of proxies: the best datacenter proxies, residential and mobile. Address change works at the level of cities, states and ASNs.


2. Flexible settings system


Dexodata is suitable for the purposes of large and small companies. Buying a package of our services means getting access to the best datacenter proxies. You can try a combination of residential geo targeted proxy servers with mobile ones, got for Big data processing from the trusted proxy website. We operate in more than a hundred countries of the world. So there will be no problems with launching work in Denmark, Thailand, and Brazil. At the very same time. Buying residential IP is one thing. The other is proxy nodes organized into pools by geographic location. They are totally AI optimized for data extraction workloads.

Configure the number of gigabytes required. The same applies to the choice of conditions for changing the external address. Do your updating with each request if necessary. Any API command from the list is customizable and compatible with automated software in Python and other languages. Change of parameters is possible on the fly.

There are dozens of possible adjustments. And each user can select a combination of functions needed for specific areas and volumes of online commerce.


3. Customizable pricing


You pay only for the traffic you use. Buy proxies for geo surfing with a limited volume. It is popular with pros who are able to calculate the time and number of gigabytes needed to complete a task. By default, the pricing plan is valid for a month with the possibility of extension. The more you order, the bigger discount you get.

The interface indicates the price of each item, which affects the final cost. Choose the geo targeted proxies type,set a geolocation by ISP, ASN or city. Then increase the number of access ports, and real-time changes will be displayed in the total cost window.


4. All-purpose control panel


We have concentrated all aspects of the data mining infrastructure in one place on the web interface. Buy residential IP, configure it, connect to existing ones and control in the process. Do it on a single page.

What are the main 10 reasons to utilize Dexodata proxies?

Our data gathering infrastructure has many superior advantages, but we have taken the liberty to choose the ten major of them

There are also tabs for setting up an account and renting additional research facilities.


5. Immediate job start


Access to the entire scanning and analytical infrastructure is instantaneous. No need to stand by in a queue. The web data search begins from the moment you replenish your personal account. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Choose the best datacenter proxies, mobile or residential.
  2. Top up your balance.
  3. Get access to any possible function and start working.


6. Favorable pricing policy


We strive to be your trusted partner when it comes to harvesting, filtering, and cataloging web data. Therefore, we set the lowest possible prices for connection to our infrastructure. All hosts will be reliable (99.9% uptime), and legally set. Buy residential IPs to spare the project's budget, and reach the goal as fast as possible at the same time.


7. Built-in encryption algorithm


Each port you purchase supports the enhanced OpenVPN security algorithm. It is similar to a virtual private network. We have developed crypto-protection of connection in any OS, including mac/Linux/WIndows and Android/iOS. You specify the server type and get an automatically generated settings file. Use it in an OpenVPN-compatible program or paste it in a code. It runs smoothly in Korea as in Turkey.


8. High compatibility


We do not limit users in the choice of software. Send requests through the HTTP transport protocol (with and without TLS) or enable the SOCKS session protocol. Each port supports both algorithms. The choice of protocol is influenced by:

  • Type of particulars you are looking for
  • Geographical location
  • Availability level
  • Origin of software
  • Request processing speed, etc.

At the beginning comes the settings for each intermediate host selection, HTTP(S) or SOCKS. Then you can group and combine connections at the scale of ten or hundreds of addresses. We provide free consultations on adapting our infrastructure to the needs of SEO research, SMM, software testing, market research. Use our cheap proxies for social media control via antidetect browsers. 


9. Live expert tech support


Developing a strategy and buying proxies for geo surfing and others is the first step. The second, the main one, is the use of the obtained access. Our technicians will help improve efficiency. AI monitors the availability of IP pools and distributes the load on the network, while our experts control the automation. An extensive detailed F.A.Q. contains all you want to know. Otherwise, ask the tech support. You will:

  1. Receive prompt comments on data access and abtaining issues.
  2. Solve problems with a drop in speed or disconnection.
  3. Evaluate the state of the account and replenish it.
  4. Learn more about the technical component of the infrastructure and its capabilities.
  5. Hear the latest jokes about data retrieval.


10. Beneficial partner program


We are committed to long-term cooperation. And therefore we try to make sure that you are satisfied with:

  • Deployed infrastructure
  • Speed of data collection 
  • Result of filtering.

We appreciate when users recommend Dexodata to colleagues. For each attracted partner, existing partners are entitled to a cash bonus. Its size depends on the type and value of the contract concluded with a new client, but not less than 10%. The commission comes from every cash transfer made by your colleagues. We welcome new ideas and consider each proposal for cooperation individually.

We are convinced that our data collection and analysis infrastructure, with your help, makes the Internet more structured and secure. We develop the standards of data acquisition in Germany, Korea, Philippines, Turkey, Brazil, Denmark, and Thailand. Datacenter, mobile and residential proxies - the best of them become components of the ecosystem. The system which is configured to maintain corporate business and scientific purposes.


Data gathering made easy with Dexodata