Boosting web data harvesting: Ethical geo targeted proxies and other solutions

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Extracting web information at corporate scale using Python is one the most promising data collection trends along with geo targeted proxies’ application. While the Dexodata ethical ecosystem provides 100% compatibility with Python-based frameworks via API methods, this programming language is flexible, scalable, and equipped with additional libraries to suit a wide scraping projects’ range. That is why Python is the number one programming language according to GitHub open source projects’ list. Today we will provide examples of quickening the online insights’ extraction.

How to speed up web scraping?

Fastening the procedure of obtaining publicly available elements from apps or HTML-based sites involves two ways. The first one spares the total amount of online information downloaded and processed, and the second one applies techniques boosting the speed of internet insight extraction. Taking into account the necessity to buy residential and mobile proxies, the scraping accelerators in tabular form are:

Methods Practical solutions
Sparing traffic  Using headless browsers
 Optimizing XPath and CSS selectors
Boosting data gathering  Buying residential IP addresses
 Sending asynchronous requests

Staying up-to-date with the latest in fast internet info collection requires awareness of the tactics described below.


Boosting web data collection by sparing traffic


To buy residential and mobile proxies for seamless detection and collection online insights is important. Other Python-based schemes are crucial for sparing processed amounts of information as well:

  • Using headless browsers

Python-based Selenium, ZombieJS running on Node.js, JavaScript-originated HtmlUnit gather internet info at scale without loading sites’ visual parts. Abandoning GUI saves time and traffic needed to extract crucial publicly available elements. This requires buying residential IPs at optimal scales and implementing browser automation solutions.

How to boost web scraping sparing traffic and simplifying data collection

  • Optimizing XPath and CSS selectors leads to targeting only the specific elements you need

This reduces the amount of HTML the scraper needs to parse, improving overall speed. For the requests library defining XPath it looks like:

 Inefficient description

 data = tree.xpath('//div[@class="content"]/p/text()'))

 Optimized description

 data = tree.xpath('//div[@class="content"]//p/text()'))
  • Caching responses avoids re-downloading pages that haven't changed since the last scrape

This approach lowers a number of queries and reduces the load on the server in compliance with AML/KYC policies typical for ethical geo targeted proxies. Caching takes the form of leveraging requests_cache  library in Python, forming pairs of keys and values in dictionaries, and refining GET requests.

Target classes’ and descriptions’ specification comes along with transferring these elements faster.


Faster web scraping by enhancing data transfer


Raising web data harvesting speed implements internal or external solutions. The first includes a demand to:

  1. Buy residential and mobile proxies from an ethical ecosystem reliable enough for providing 99.9% uptime.
  2. Perform external IPs rotation when establishing a new connection or at interval within an IP pool. It can be defined geographically or by the similar ASN.

For example, Scrapy authenticates geo targeted proxies by applying requests and changes addresses through the scrapy-rotating-proxies package.

Experts’ picks for ethical and efficient online info acquisition include utilizing asynchronous libraries like asyncio along with aiohttp in Python. They send multiple HTTP requests concurrently, which eliminates the need to wait for one query to complete before sending the next one according to the principle of multithreading.


Effective scraping and geo targeted proxies from Dexodata


Reducing total traffic and enhancing its transfer are common ways of raising the online intelligence speed. There are practices of appointing scraping parallel processes to different CPU cores, replacing GET requests with HTTP HEAD, and reducing payload size through API instead of HTTP.

The mentioned routines are united by the necessity to operate based on the geo targeted proxies’ ecosystem. The ethical Dexodata platform simplifies and fastens web data harvesting due to city- and ISP-level targeting, API-enabled IP rotation, and strict KYC and AML policies compliance. Buy residential IP pools from 100+ countries to raise internet data analytics speed with a reliable business associate.


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