Classes of proxies according to their access rights

Contents of article:

  1. What are the types of geo targeted proxies by access?
  2. Differences and similarities between shared and personal options
  3. Advantages of individual proxies highlighted
  4. Why is it preferable to work with Dexodata?

Dexodata is a trusted proxy website, providing elite-level proxies, as we told earlier. The solid ecosystem of data extraction collaborates with numerous users all over the world, enabling them to buy residential and mobile proxies for reasonable prices. As well as the best datacenter proxies, which are also easily accessible on Dexodata.

The most common classification is the one based on the difference between free of charge ones and paid intermediary solutions. Trusted proxy websites provide service not gratuitous, except the proxy free trial cases for newcomers. There are more rankings, e.g. based on proxy sources and offering residential IPs to buy. Today we will address the matter of classification based on the clients’ number for every single IP.

What are the types of geo targeted proxies by access?

The access here is considered in terms of accessibility, or, alternatively, access rights. According to this principle the following classes can be named:

  1. Individual (Private, Personal)
  2. Shared (Public) proxies.


Differences and similarities between shared and personal options 


To begin with, the ways they function are identical. The only significant difference is all about their practical reliability and eventual safety for end-users.

Every private proxy is allocated to a single particular end-user. He or she might share credentials and, eventually, access with a bunch of other individuals. The best datacenter proxies, residential and mobile are among this category.

Such intermediaries can be applied by a bunch of users. However, even if it happens, this type is normally notable for good speed and effective connection, as there can be no mass use and subsequent server overloads. If personal proxies are available to everyone, it means the free proxy trial is on. As an outcome, the threat of ending up blocked is almost negligible.

In contrast with the previous type, shared proxies are much easier to come across on the Net. It is their mission to be publicly available to any users. When users try to find shared proxies, they have to deal with entire lists. Such lists are compiled by looking through ranges of IPs among customary available proxy ports. Unfortunately, most of such addresses are outdated or blocked. At the very best, only 2 out of 100 addresses are working. More than that, if you try to use these two addresses to get access to a website, you are likely to be banned as the target page can easily detect your proxy connection. So it is easier to buy residential and mobile proxies and perform the planned task.

Public proxies resemble the shared ones. In practice, the only difference is all about their names. Once again, the threat of being blocked with them is incredibly high.


Advantages of individual proxies highlighted


The fewer individuals make use of a proxy solution, the lower its load is and the higher the speed of your connection is.

In terms of privacy and data safety, individual solutions are also much better.

Entire lists of shared proxy solutions are available to anyone who tries to obtain from. It does not require great effort. Instead of cooperating with a trusted proxy website, you are literally blending in with the crowd of unknown users and admins. You never know what they intend to do. Hence, any IP of this class is, by definition, a compromised one.


Why it is preferable to work with Dexodata


Dexodata is more than a simple platform for those willing to buy residential and mobile proxies. It is an advanced, legit, and high-performing ecosystem, with a truly global reach. By the way, new users are invited to check out our proxy free trial opportunities.

Our advantages in terms of proxy usage:

  • The network Dexodata offers is totally legal. That is to say, Dexodata’s best datacenter proxies on the one hand and residential solutions on the other hand are all whitelisted.
  • Expert-level support that is ready to help and consult you via popular messaging applications and social media.
  • Flexible settings with a user-friendly interface coupled with 100% compatibility.

You can ask for a free proxy trial anytime after signing up and sending a request to Client support to test chosen dynamic IP addresses in cities of more than a hundred countries.


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