What is geo targeted proxy market in 2024: Main trends and specifics

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Geo targeted proxies remain a valuable tool for obtaining and processing digital data at scale. While AI-based technologies shape the whole IT industry, it is only one of the significant trends to be evaluated. The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, which took place in London this May, has highlighted the importance of unstructured web insights’ analysis, its optimization, and the role of converged and composable ecosystems for data and analytics (D&A).

Complex infrastructures for raising online intelligence, such as Dexodata, make every rotating residential proxy, datacenter or mobile one, serve for seamless B2C and B2B interactions. That is why we’ve decided to go further and present an in-depth analysis of the intermediary web solutions’ market.

General proxy server market status 2024

The historical perspective of residential rotating proxies proves constant development and extensive growth, and the current situation confirms it. The review made by Absolute Reports predicts the market’s CAGR growth of 13.6% by 2029 with trading turnover about $462 million. It’s almost a triple increase in numbers. Despite increased competition, relevant companies perceive it as an opportunity to carve out niches neglected by major players. One of four businesses is presented as and is targeted on the small and midsize business (SMB). This type of audience is used to spare the costs, so a rotating proxies free trial is crucial to get before acquiring an operational number of IP addresses. 

Rotation is also demanded, so most web info obtaining services provide an IP change with every request. Our users have a possibility to do it:

  1. Manually, through a consolidated internet interface.
  2. On a timer, every 30 seconds and less frequently.
  3. Automatically through API by previously set parameters.

To cater to the online insight’s extraction lifecycle, one can buy residential rotating proxies with APIs that cover web scraping and parsing stages through HTTP(S). Most companies offer general-purpose APIs, enabling developers and analytics to efficiently extract required metrics and descriptions from various sources. However, the discussion over the preference of API or HTML as a source of crucial details still goes on. SOCKS5 protocol is provided by more than half of the major participants on the proxy market now.

The most reliable partners in serving organized data collection solutions have streamlined their onboarding processes, eliminating the need for lengthy forms and manual interaction. With automation, customers access IP pools seamlessly, saving time and effort in acquiring these resources. This is true for a rotating proxy trial which new Dexodata users get at the start to enhance their experience and convenience.

The mentioned features make the industry poised for consolidation, with potential mergers and acquisitions on the horizon.


What proxy type is the most popular in 2024


Preferred by enterprises, residential IPs (rotating proxies) continue to dominate. Datacenter IPs serve as a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious customers and are still in demand. Mobile IP networks are used in marketing, social media management, software QA, etc. But they are not adopted by major providers. On the other hand, the availability of advanced 4G software and hardware has lowered the technical threshold for entering the internet D&A sphere.

How to choose relevant geo targeted proxies according to market trends

The important feature to mention is raising sustainability. Dexodata and other geo targeted proxies’ infrastructures have witnessed significant improvements, boasting impressive uptime above 98% on average and showing a success rate of 99.94% for datacenter proxies. We offer enhanced flexibility by allowing customers to customize:

  • Traffic amounts, starting from 100 Mb.
  • IP type.
  • Targeting options, including country, city, carrier, and ASN filtering.

These points have become standard features, empowering users with precise control. 


Dominant use cases


Residential rotating proxies and other sorts of servers optimize scraping logic and facilitating easier website access. E-commerce internet insight harvesting is the leading use case, generating up to 50% of business for most intermediates. Other prominent use cases include:

Web information became requested by decisions-as-a-service businesses for training AI models as potential game-changers, emphasizing the need for accurate and large-scale datasets. That is because of the growing ChatGPT’s role for daily scraping routine with almost half of tech industry representatives leveraging generative AI-driven models, as followed from Sortlist survey.


Rising priority of ethics


Data governance ecosystems, offering rotating residential proxy free trial and adjustable pricing plans, witness a significant shift toward ethical business practices. Commercial enterprises now prioritize ethics in their daily practice and enforce stricter KYC and AML processes. The i2Coalition's Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative (EWDCI) further advocates for beneficial standards and ethical practices in the data aggregation industry. Consumers are encouraged to research vetting processes and consent mechanisms to ensure genuine commitment to ethical operations.

The legislative landscape surrounding extracting detailed info from the internet has evolved. We mean the “HiQ v. LinkedIn” case affirming the legality of acquiring public details and reducing the likelihood of litigation under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). Social media platforms have shifted to arguments based on breach of contract, resulting in ongoing high-profile cases. However, the market to buy rotating residential proxies remains resilient and adapts to these challenges ensuring strict compliance with legal frameworks.


The future of geo targeted proxies


The market of geo targeted proxies has experienced remarkable growth and diversification, fueled by the increasing demand for online privacy and internet info extraction. With robust infrastructures, advanced targeting options, and evolving ethical practices, platforms for improved data analytics empower individuals and businesses to navigate the digital landscape securely. As the market evolves, the industry of internet intermediary nodes will continue to adapt, ensuring the velocity and usability of online activities with rotating residential proxies. Free trial by Dexodata allows users to leverage the most necessitated features promptly and gain a competitive advantage.


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