How AI, ML, and CV help retail companies in 4 crucial commerce domains

Contents of article:

  1. Adoption rates: AI, ML, CV software classes
  2. Motives behind AI, ML, CV adoption accentuated by our site with proxies
  3. Time to worry about being replaced? No, and Dexodata explains why

As Honeywell’s reliable research claims, 60% of retailers consider applying AI, ML, CV solutions worldwide, within the coming year. Artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and computer vision are game-changers. By investing in them, companies seek to propel shopping experiences, associated with both physical stores and online-based ones. Since retail intelligence is a reason why customers contact Dexodata to buy residential IPs, we find this study of great relevance and want to highlight some important implications.

Smart software-based assistants, supported by proxies, are changing the faces of retail segments. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, as well as computer vision tools hold enormous potential in retail sectors, spanning from warehouse automation to streamlined store operations. As Statista puts it, the intelligent niche in retail reached a value of $6.32 billion in 2022. It is expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.5% until 2028, when the market size will hit $31.18 billion.

The surge is taking place not without reasons. The Dexodata ecosystem offers diving deeper into the survey's findings. They will be informative for e-commerce teams willing to buy residential IPs or order a proxy free trial.

Adoption rates: AI, ML, CV software classes

Researchers engaged approximately 1K retail executives, working in leadership positions based in America, EU, the Middle East, and Africa. Domains of their activities encompass fields such as information technology, business operations, positive client experiences, etc. Being a provider of geo targeted proxies, Dexodata finds global AI, ML, CV adoption rates revealed there noteworthy. Most industry players are already heavily relying on smart cyber assistants:

  1. 38% reported utilizing AI, ML, CV regarding particular use cases or within defined regions.
  2. 35% confirmed their adoption on broader scales.
  3. 24% are experimenting or actively exploring them.
  4. 3% only declared no usage.

How AI, ML, and CV help retail companies run business


Motives behind AI, ML, CV adoption accentuated by our site with proxies


Online shopping's convenience in mobile-first environments, coupled with swift AI-driven supply chain processes and carefully pre-selected in-store alternatives, has significantly heightened purchasers’ expectations, demands, and sensitivity. The participants expressed strong motivation to embrace emerging solutions to fulfill their objectives. Top-3 motivations cited by retail leaders for AL, ML, CV comprise:

  • Enhancing buyers’ experiences (59%)
  • Increasing business-efficiency, capacity, productivity (49%)
  • Lucrative unseen returns-on-investments (44%).

Partakers anticipate that AI, ML, CV can provide significant value across the following pivotal retail dimensions:

  1. Automating, digitizing, reinforcing routines, e.g. order picking and management, scheduling operations, etc.
  2. Assisting with customer service activities, provided, especially, via intelligent communication channels.
  3. Crafting custom-tailored data-driven promotional campaigns.
  4. Enhancing inventory management.

As a team taking strong interest in AI-based context of rotating proxies for web scraping, Dexodata believes this is the right decision. Business practice shows that most of the industry will follow suit. As we can see ourselves, for many ventures that buy residential IPs our compatibility with AI-based tools serves as a key magnet.


Time to worry about being replaced? No, and Dexodata explains why


Finally, should retail professionals be concerned about being removed by AI, ML, CV “competitors”? No. The study's findings emphasize that most perceive AI, ML, and the computer vision technologies as leverage for strengthening and optimizing their talent pools, not replacing staff members. Only 7% recognized reducing human labor as the chief purpose. Fresh software classes, rather, empower efficient workforce utilization via predictive analytics based on data ethically obtained via proxies. That ultimately nurtures increased employee satisfaction rates and gives extra time for concentrating on higher-value tasks.

Retail professionals can keep calm, using AI with unprecedented efficiency. Our platform with rotating proxies will make our contribution to their success. Contact Dexodata when your company requires mobile or datacenter proxies or intends buying residential IPs from America, Canada, Chile, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, major EU countries, and other 100+ locations for intelligent next-gen operations. Proxу free trial is available.


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