How to use geo targeted proxies for Twitter scraping

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  1. Proxies for social media. Definition in Twitter’s scraping context
  2. What are social media proxies for
  3. Utilizing proxies for social platforms, exemplified by Twitter
  4. Dexodata's social media proxies for scraping Twitter as well as other social media

To begin with, one should name it “X”. However, for many internet users, as well as for multiple trusted proxy websites offering geo targeted proxies in the capacity of social media proxies, this platform will always be Twitter. So, Twitter data scraping is at stake. How do the best social media proxies contribute to data harvesting there?

Proxies for social media. Definition in Twitter’s scraping context

Trusted proxy websites know that web scraping on networking services is one of the key reasons why people need proxies. Against this backdrop, Twitter remains a priceless source of data for research agencies, marketing managers, experts, etc.

Collecting such data in bunches, a procedure known as web scraping, could be pretty extracting, resource-intensive, time-consuming, and challenging. Mainly, it is because of Twitter's restrictions on scraping rates, data volumes, and its anti-scraping safeguards. Using cheap social media proxies is the route to bypass such obstacles effectively, fueling streamlined far-reaching web data scraping efforts.


What are social media proxies for


Proxy servers’ mission is to function as intermediary links, a sort of bridge, between one’s machine and the Web. In case users transmit a data query to communication platforms via them, the latter goes to proxies for social media first. Then, they forward it to Twitter, in your name. Regarding the response containing desirable data from Twitter, it returns to geo targeted proxies, which then direct it to PCs.

This considered, what are social media proxies for social media proxies, precisely? A lot. Applying proxies masks visible IPs, ensuring privacy and assisting with circumventing obstacles, e.g. rate limits practiced by Twitter. During a Twitter web scraping session, it would be practical to make use of several rotating social media bot proxies from a trusted proxy website. This trick helps administer manifold automated data scraping requests, tackling risks of being spotted.

How social media proxies work for Twitter scraping?

Concerning proxy selection criteria:

  • Whenever Twitter data gets involved, a dependable and speedy trusted proxy website, with a globally dispersed pool of whitelisted IPs, is a must.
  • Proxy rotation features serve as another advantage, as they automatically alter IP addresses after a certain period. This mitigates the threat of Twitter restricting your IPs.
  • Avoid free social media proxies, since they frequently are too short of tempo, dependability, safety, etc. for data harvesting tasks. 


Utilizing proxies for social platforms, exemplified by Twitter


After one buys proxies for social networks in general and Twitter proxies in particular, next steps imply tuning them for usage with a web data scraping tool of choice. Processes themselves might vary, yet they typically presuppose specifying applicable proxy details, e.g. IPs, ports, usernames and credentials, and entering them into data scrapers’ settings.

Here are some typical scenarios:

  1. In case you opt for Python's Scrapy, it is possible to exploit a proxy middleware to manage proxies. One simply enters proxy specs into the Scrapy settings' file, and Scrapy then automatically transfers data queries via proxies.
  2. Another way is creating an in-house proprietary scraper via Python’s BeautifulSoup. Simply generate a script steering towards Twitter accounts, parsing all HTML elements to grab data of interest (e.g. posts, followers, or reactions), and saving outputs.
  3. Relying on Twitter's API is a tempting option that has to be treated with caution yet. It gives access to wide datasets, but is expensive and imposes limits on the data volume. Countless teams discard this scraping alternative.


Dexodata's social media proxies for scraping Twitter as well as other social media


With Dexodata’s geo targeted proxies, сompanies and individuals will be fully prepared for web scraping sessions of any complexity and kind. If you haven’t tried our ecosystem yet, a proxy free trial is available for newcomers. Register and start gathering data through our proxies for social networks. Simultaneously, we remind you of Twitter's Terms of Service and users' privacy rights. Do not ignore them while scraping.


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