Dexodata and multi-accounting options for several accounts

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  1. Why buy social media proxies and run several accounts?
  2. Cases for residential and mobile network proxies
  3. Choosing between residential and datacenter proxies

Proxies are tech links connecting Internet users and web pages as intermediaries. Some specialists buy residential and mobile proxies for the reasons stated in previous articles, while others prefer the best datacenter proxies provided by the trusted proxy websites. The choice depends on use cases. Today, we will highlight multilogging, an important scenario for SMM managers and digital marketers. It is about managing several accounts simultaneously, also known as multi-logging and multi-accounting.

Why buy social media proxies and run several accounts?

Managing several accounts via a single application from the same device is a popular practice. It enables freelancers and business teams to promote their offerings on the Net and swiftly fill in market segments. Mostly, such a technique is applied by those managing multiple online e-commerce projects or assiduously using social networks (e.g. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc). On top of that, the range of promotion tools might also include several e-mail accounts or messengers. That is where multilogging options become extremely valuable.

To begin with, it is always reasonable to draw a line between your business activity and personal matters. By doing that, you can avoid being distracted by business issues while having rest. Also, you mitigate risks of involuntary and accidentally disclosing sensitive personal and business data.

Second, it is a productive approach to launch and make use of separate accounts for individual projects, teams, segments, or customers, developing on how exactly you organize your activities. Doing business in this manner makes actions more targeted and well-adjusted, boosting your efficiency. One may run several ports even during the free proxy trial of Dexodata.

There is an issue with that, however. Almost every social media platform, messenger, and other providers of digital marketing tools do not approve such a practice worrying about spam spreading. Correspondingly, web resources take measures by:

  • Limiting the number of accounts a single person can manage
  • Prohibiting this business approach outright.

What makes matters worse, is that even if your social network or digital marketing tool has not flagged you yet or is ready to tolerate your several accounts, other websites may lose patience at any moment. Namely, they get nervous and suspicious whenever they detect too many visits made via an identical address from several separate accounts.

Luckily, there is a workable and legal way to solve this problem. Get in touch with a trusted proxy website to buy residential and mobile proxies.


Cases for residential and mobile network proxies


Dexodata is a constantly growing ecosystem of proxy solutions for business and individuals. As a trusted proxy website, our professional team offers residential and mobile proxies to buy for a variety of purposes. Multilogging is no exception. 

Thus, we are ever-ready to help SMM professionals and other digital marketers with managing several accounts. Join the ranks of our users, build your combination of proxies, and start driving value. What is more, proxy free trial periods are available for newcomers!

Proxies act as a gate passing through several accounts at the same time without any fear to be glagged or losr access to profile 

With residential and mobile proxies bought on the Dexodata official page, one is able to conceal true location and actual IP. Social networks and digital marketing service vendors, meanwhile, will view you as an ordinary user. Or, considering NAT technology, as a group of individual users, alternating with each other. All our residential and mobile proxies to buy are real-world addresses of real people, residing in the best-matching areas.

Another advantage of Dexodata, as a trusted proxy website, is that digital marketing specialists can use our ecosystem with advanced and convenient tools for account management automation. Thus, absence of manual work will make your efforts even more productive, whether it is about posting, sharing, editing, or deleting text and visual content, or about following and unfollowing threads, etc.


Choosing between residential and datacenter proxies


While the best datacenter proxies are also easily available on Dexodata, our team advises to opt for buying residential and mobile network proxies. In spite of the fact that residential and mobile network proxies are somehow more expensive, at the end of the day, you will win more with them.

The case is that the best datacenter proxies, as a cheaper option, are popular. Their target audience includes the specialist performing data gathering at high scale and with high speed from undemanding websites. Hence, not only regular pages but also all social media keep a close eye on them. Data centers function as stationary premises, it is never a problem at all to list them and blacklist them in bunches.

Finally, social networks normally do not block residential addresses, since if they do so, they will lose many users at once, because of NAT technology.

To sum up, Dexodata recommends you to buy residential and mobile proxies to work with several accounts. Proxy free trial is offered to users, who sign up for the first time.


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