Several reasons to buy dedicated IPs for business

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Dexodata runs a pool of proxy dedicated IP pools, as any other trusted proxy website intended to simplify web search, data gathering, etc. If you reach out to us, you do not have to worry about data security of your networks. However, our infrastructure is capable of much more than that. Today is a great day to explore various opportunities revealed by our geo targeted proxies. 

How our ecosystem helps companies

Dexodata’s key priority is to help you achieve your goals on the Internet. In this context, our platform promises a range of multifaceted advantages. One of them is the possibility to save budget while buying residential and mobile proxies. As you will see below, working with us is the best way to outcompete your rivals.


Privacy is an obvious benefit


However, this advantage is quite specific. Experts recommend users to buy residential IPs not only to remain private, but also to mask your address in the most effective fashion. Owing to NAT technology, you will look like an ordinary individual residing in a country or city of interest. This eliminates the possibility of future restrictions. The answer to the questions, "where and how to get residential IPs?" is resorting to Dexodata services to avoid blacklisting. Even the best datacenter proxies cannot function at this level of efficiency.


Safety and reliability


Any commercial site stores sensitive and important customer information, including personal data, payment details, bank cards, emails, and mobile phones. The way you get access and process this data requires extra safeguards. The best datacenter proxies will enable safe and protected web connections. With this shield, you can be sure that it will be much more challenging for hackers to attack you. 


Streamlined access to data


When collecting data from websites for subsequent analysis and decision-making, some IP addresses are blacklisted by security systems. When you collaborate with a trusted proxy website, all your solutions will be on the whitelist. The most logical step to take in this regard is to buy residential IPs. They will be better than dedicated datacenter proxies. For most complicated cases enterprises prefer 4G mobile proxies for a number of reasons.


Advanced SMM practices


Prominent communication platforms of today are an important tool when it comes promoting brands and advertising different products, services, and other offerings. All successful marketers and SEO specialists have to run multiple accounts to serve multiple end-clients. The problem is that social media normally do not like when too many accounts are managed by the same IP address. Buy residential and mobile proxies offered by Comodata and unleash enormous potential for multi-logging. In addition, our solution is compatible with a range of relevant third-party tools for SMM.

How trusted proxy websites help businesses, which buy residential IPs

Assign a separate proxy to each account while working in social media to boost the promotion


Geo location chosen freely


In addition to that, some social media platforms are restricted in certain countries. As with any other type of content, with Dexodata as your trusted proxy website of choice, you will quickly address this challenge. Indeed, to cope with such inconveniences, it is reasonable to purchase geo targeted proxies that can function via both stationary and dedicated mobile proxy devices. 

Some more words about data security and the benefits you gain buying residential and mobile proxies. Any business owner, even a beginner, requires secure web connections, since free services are not able to ensure an adequate level of protection. At the same time, not only critical information is at stake, but also the reputation of your brand as a whole. Recently, various cases of breaches have become more frequent, which negatively affects the image of companies and undermines the trust of their customers. In order not to risk your funds, it is essential to get in touch with a trusted ecosystem. To spare the budget we suggest to obtain best datacenter proxies within the Data as a Service approach. 

The Dexodata enterprise gathering infrastructure provides a wide pool of IPs for everyday tasks and business process improvements. The experts of our platform are always ready to answer your questions via any popular messaging app. We offer you to buy dedicated IP proxy at affordable price. Remember, when you buy residential IP addresses, these expenses will definitely pay off. Such tools can considerably improve the efficiency of your work processes on the Net. The geo-targeted proxies free trial is always available for new users!


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