How does web data boost sales for travel agencies?

Contents of article:

  1. Why collect web data via trusted proxy websites?
  2. What players exist on the travel market?
  3. Travel agencies and geo targeted proxies
  4. What does travel industry search online?
  5. List of purposes to work with web data

Travel industry has got one of the biggest pieces of the services sector’s pie, $1.5 billion according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Travel fare agency assumes the intermediary role of delivering a client to the place of interest and back, taking care of him.

Proxies operate the same way, distributing the data safely from server to user, and back. One buys or gets a free proxy in Canada or elsewhere to log in the Web within the canadian or any other particular geolocation. And despite experience of traveling to India or Netherlands, Dexodata provides a chance to taste it before buying it due to the free trial of residential proxies, mobile or datacenter ones.

Why collect web data via trusted proxy websites?

Data-driven approach is favored amongst travel market participants. There are two types of data gathered applying geo targeted proxies:

  • Internal statistics
  • External intelligence.

Internal information is a knowledge of users’ behavior within the website, their actions and decisions made. The info can be personal or nameless. The first type includes private data and is used to raise engagement through sending personal e-mails, push notifications with tempting offers, etc. Common users buy residential IPs to avoid it.

Impersonal data is massive of overall rates. These are median rates, popular and unpopular places of interest, booking dates, voucher types, etc. They influence the overall development of the product or seller’s activity.

Collecting external web information is defined as getting, structuring and processing publicly available data for utilizing it to succeed. One better try for free proxy in Canada, Mexica, Singapore or other locations popular among tourists.


What players exist on the travel market?


Selling travels is a sphere, where the need for relevant information is not a lot of hot air. To stay ahead of rivals one needs to gather information and process it quickly. Weather and current events also influence buyer sentiment, so one needs to be aware of it. These are only tiny portions of data obtained non-stop all over the globe through the dedicated proxies one buys.

The travel industry includes the following participants:

  1. Online travel agencies (OTA) are marketplaces specializing in offering complex products, incl. all leisure activities of outbound tourism. The most needy for extraction of external data via geo targeted proxies, as OTA conduct activities and communicate with clients only on the Web.
  2. Travel agencies and tour operators. Retailers, whose offices play the role of intermediaries.
  3. Tourism authorities, local and international legislative and executive-powered organizations.
  4. Transport companies, mostly airlines, but also railways, car rental, bus services, taxi cabs, etc.
  5. Accommodation providers, such as hotels, campings, motels, Airbnb hosts, cruise ships.
  6. Food providers, incl. cafes, restaurants, night clubs, bars, catering enthusiasts.
  7. Entertainment agents presented by show entrepreneurs, theaters, malls, amusement parks, casinos, etc.
  8. Insurance companies, providing trip protection insurance, and travel medical plans.

Today we will focus on the travel fare agencies, both online and offline.


Travel agencies and geo targeted proxies


The business of delivering people to resorts and places of interest is highly competitive. It also has a complicated conversion funnel, guiding the user from visitor to client and, furthermore, ambassador of the travel agent. The more one knows, the easier the way to success is. There are two main causes for them to buy residential IP, get mobile proxies or datacenter ones:

  1. Gather data without interruption. Malfunctions may be caused by an extensive number of automated requests from one IP. Or by an anti-spam algorithm activated with researchers' actions. Proxies distribute the load and respond to the server's requests with proper IP characteristics.
  2. Get reliable information on localized prices and events. The specifics of business makes travel agencies obtain new data constantly. Information becomes obsolete with every minute. Buy dedicated proxies of France, Indonesia or other target countries to enjoy the confidence of target pages. And be aware about all the tempting offers in the chosen areas.

How does web data gathering help travel agencies to succeed

Individual proxies provide travel industry members with reliable e-commerce web data gathered seamlessly


What does travel industry search online?


Dexodata offers geo targeted proxies and is an irreplaceable agent for organizing data-collecting solutions. The enterprises appreciate our 4G mobile proxies for the four main causes.

Our platform is capable of extracting and growing online information at scale. We satisfy the need for gathering a lot of accurate data quickly and constantly. Traveling business gathers the following public web data:

  • Hotel addresses, room prices, booking details
  • Ratings and reviews
  • OTA offers or discounts
  • Airports, airlines, and their ticket policy
  • Maps, weather forecasts
  • SERP marketing and promotional hints.

Every item on the list appeals to buy dedicated proxies. These middlebox IPs take care of safe, reliable connection.


List of purposes to work with web data


The main purpose is obvious, to become a successful player on the market. The detailed listing of purposes for utilizing data harvesting includes:

  1. Be aware of new events and trends.
  2. Build up effective partner chains according to webpages’ metrics and reviews.
  3. Create and maintain pricing policy.
  4. Optimize the products.
  5. Boost the number of clients.
  6. Learn the target audience better.
  7. Enhance users’ experience on the site or in app.
  8. Ease the communication with the third-party OTAs, airlines, etc.
  9. Raise the awareness about your company (SEO).
  10. Manage online reputation.

Aspects mentioned above require you to buy residential IPs. It eases the gathering, processing and utilizing data-driven insights in the travel industry. Dexodata offers testing of free proxies in Canada, Singapore, Mexico, France, Indonesia, Netherlands, and India. The full list includes more than hundred countries with IP pools in different cities, while our Client support and the knowledge base are always available. That is why we are treated as a trusted partner in obtaining web data by e-commerce web pages.


Data gathering made easy with Dexodata