Residential proxy in 2023: 3 important business benefits

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Dexodata is a web data obtaining infrastructure evolved from trusted proxy websites, which history we have covered earlier. We provide a service to buy residential and mobile Craigslist proxies or rotating datacenter proxies. The choice is yours. You can set up our proxies to get a tool necessary for the particular situation, information character and its amount. Ask our Client Support for some hints. Then get a paid proxy free trial to check the settings. Amongst available solutions are:

    • Whitelisted IPs acquired from trusted ISPs
    • Dynamic Internet Protocols with variety of controls
    • Transparent data transition process
    • Private web hosts 
    • Immediate access to all datacenter, mobile and cheap residential Reddit proxies you buy
    • Precise geo-targeting by cities and providers (ASN-based for datacenter proxies).

World globalization made enterprises search for partners and clients across the globe. The communication and distribution have gone online. The real struggle is to reach target audiences. Enterprises make everything possible to prevail over their competitors and get into the top listings of search engines. The art of doing it the most efficient way therefore is valued highly. It is called SEO and stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Proxies for social networks are required to perform it.

The SEO pros gather the most popular users’ requests and link it to the target pages. The cheap residential HTTP proxy bought reduces the total payments for the job and allows to obtain necessary data faster. Our top residential proxy nodes and datacenter proxies have rotating IPs to provide trouble-free connection. 

Our innovative online infrastructure includes solutions for both data extraction and management. Every phase of processing information, from choosing sources to analyzing results, needs its own tools. With a free trial for paid proxies our customers decide on the settings and connection characteristics.

Extended durability

Residential HTTP proxy could be bought cheaply compared to mobile kind of intermediate. They get IP addresses from the list of common homeowners. These IPv4 and IPv6, in other words, belong to pools of Internet service providers. We combine addresses with routing software and receive proxy servers. 

These cheap residential proxies for Reddit or other social media get a high degree of trust from web pages. Social media, e-commerce pages see no reason to interrupt the information occurring between you and online servers. Your data stream is perceived as a usual laptop user scrolling favorite newsfeeds. Sites provide you with relevant data, without attempts of spoofing. The connection is stable, so that the process can be automated as possible.

Where to buy top cheap residential proxies

Every private IP is connected to Dexodata service via proprietary software to become a residential proxy for your needs

The web data gaining sometimes demands exchanging requests with distant resources. The one who’s going to buy Craigslist residential and mobile proxies for commercial purposes, will avoid obstacles on the route. There are access restrictions to IPs with particular geolocation or rotating proxies of datacenter type. The web algorithms recognize proxies as real people, not robots. Due to this, you harvest necessary online content without any interruptions. Even from sites located in different world areas.


Improving metrics with Dexodata


The budget always matters. It is more modest if one buys residential IP than prefers the mobile intermediary for work. Using the capabilities of our enterprise gathering infrastructure one can improve the quality of services provided. Its most important key business features are:


1. Security


Our platform offers to buy top residential and mobile proxies. These are the optimal choice for companies retrieving information from various platforms. These are dedicated servers acquired from verifiable ISPs and end-user devices. They are proven to be highly effective for e-commerce. Have a free trial of paid proxy to be certain about intermediate’s compatibility and stability.


2. Reliability


Information about popular search queries and customer behavior is necessary to develop business. We have designed a stable proxy platform to withstand loads from many simultaneous TCP connections.


3. Considerable savings


The total price for our services is formed transparently. The one can check every point of the list affecting the total cost of HTTP proxy you buy. These parameters are adjustable:

  1. Proxy type
  2. Geo location
  3. ISP or mobile carrier
  4. Amount of traffic needed
  5. HTTP or SOCKS5 protocol, etc.

Every option is considered in final fees, except protocol choice. Both of them are available via separate ports, no matter buy you residential HTTP proxy list or SOCKS5 access.

Our organized data solutions suit both large enterprises and small companies. Buy cheap residential proxies to get trustworthy geo located IP addresses. All proxies are rotating and can change external IPs without extra charge. While free Dexodata paid proxies trial is available with no restrictions on pool numbers or features.


Data gathering made easy with Dexodata