Web scraping experts on public data collection trends of 2024

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  1. Web scraping trend # 1. Extra anti-bot measures
  2. Web scraping trend # 2. AI Adoption
  3. Web scraping trend # 3. Python stays the king

Ethical web scraping needs are why teams frequently contact Dexodata’s trusted proxy website. Their request is purchasing geo targeted proxies for ever-changing public info harvesting purposes or ordering proxy free trials. So we are keeping abreast of important web scraping trends, developments, prospects. These are chief 2024 web scraping findings.

Web scraping trend # 1. Extra anti-bot measures

Modern, cost-effective, resource optimized, trusted web scraping cannot be imagined without automation. Here, issues arise, since sites introduce additional protections, pursuing goals of fending off robotic traffic. There exist two reasons for that:

Under such circumstances, web platforms must react. No matter how ethical and compliant one’s web scraping session might be, they will get affected, too. Our trusted proxy website would name such novel 2024 obstacles as:

  1. Ever more rigorous fingerprinting policies strengthened by AI website safeguards. The latter assume responsibility for assessing authenticity of browser-based fingerprints and data query properties, identifying suspicious patterns, etc.
  2. Access tokenization. People find website CAPTCHAs annoying, so tech vendors experiment with tokens as digital guardians. Thus, web scraping experts need fresh coding approaches for resolving this challenge.
  3. Website data concealed by logins. While web scraping under autorization is possible, the ethical controversies emerge. That is a factor worth considering.
  4. Data proxies gradually lose the 2024 race. Previously, such proxies could play a part. It was possible to flag them only via passive checks building upon knowledge bases or active checks, e.g. latency calculations. Today, getting automatically restricted straight away is more common for datacenter solutions. Buy residential and mobile proxies from a trusted speedy proxy website instead. They will serve as the best geo targeted proxies.

Web scraping trends of 2024


Web scraping trend # 2. AI Adoption


Artificial intelligence has changed multiple professional landscapes. AI-driven web scraping cannot be any exception. Companies can practice two approaches:

  1. Either write their own web scraping programs, asking AI for informative advice
  2. Or apply ready-to-use online isights extraction solutions, relying on AI to varying extent.      

AI’s impact will be thorough. However, geo targeted proxies’ role remains crucial, in case a trusted proxy website provides them with rotation. Web scraping tools can be smart, yet using them mandates dynamic IP protection. 


Web scraping trend # 3. Python stays the king


While pundits recognize Node.js as a probable future competitor, Python’s web scraping leadership remains indisputable. Its amount of trusted libraries visibly surpasses alternatives. Owing to Scrapy, Python Requests, etc., Python attracts industry participants.  Whenever one intends tackling relevant challenges at a high level, mastery and knowledge of the Python language are 2024 must-haves.

Dexodata’s trusted proxy website matches all up-to-date expectations, encompassing whitelisted residential/mobile/datacenter proxies, rotation, automation compatibility, AI potential, and more. Request proxy free trials as newcomers, test our ecosystem in practice with any admissible website.   


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