What is ethical web data extraction: Cases to avoid with geo targeted proxies

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  1. What is ethical web scraping: Guide to those who buy dedicated proxies
  2. Ethical web data harvesting: Common mistakes to avoid
  3. Why use ethical geo targeted proxies by Dexodata?

Acquiring internet information at scale is on the upswing. This IT sphere implements the latest technologies, including AI-based generative tools for web scraping, to meet growing demands from enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. The strive for ethics embodies the second trend typical to the future of automated data acquiring. Along with requirements to buy residential and mobile proxies from Dexodata and other reliable ecosystems, businesses need to play fairly to succeed. This means following the AML and KYC rules and treating target internet sources with care to get structured insights. Credible geo targeted proxies is the first move. The second step includes awareness of web scraping cases to avoid. This is the topic we will reveal today.

What is ethical web scraping: Guide to those who buy dedicated proxies

Automated tools for searching and obtaining are legit, as confirmed by the U.S. Ninth Circuit examining the hiQ Labs, Inc. vs. LinkedIn case. Responsibility, transparency, safety, and cooperation are among the main traits of principles we practice offering to buy residential IPs, datacenter, and mobile ones. Experts' recommendations on efficient and ethical internet insights’ retrieval cover these approved objectives:

  1. Extracting publicly accessible information like weather data, news articles, or product details without breaching paywalls or login barriers.
  2. Collecting scientific knowledge for studies.
  3. Maintaining aggregator sites serving as hubs for consolidated content, e.g. news articles, job listings, real estate information.
  4. Studying e-commerce platforms for price and product details adhering to websites’ terms of service.
  5. Gathering user-generated reviews and ratings, including restaurant ranking websites, gadgets’ reviews, and more.

Achieving competitive advantage through mentioned methods leads to the necessity of buying residential and mobile proxies acquired with full consent of their owners.


Ethical web data harvesting: Common mistakes to avoid


GDPR and CCPA laws, as their local analogs, regulate transparent and accurate extraction of business-oriented internet knowledge. Leading market players form alliances to promote ethical gathering of online insights (EWDCI) on the one side, with governmental structures discussing ethics of web scraping on the other. Geo targeted proxies as mediatory solutions serving seamless data aggregation strictly follow AML and KYC policies to keep users and their internet targets safe.

Ethical web scraping to those who buy residential IP addresses by Dexodata

Geo targeted proxies' operational principle

This implies avoiding the following issues:

  • Unauthorized data collection, performed through accessing sites that prohibit such actions via:
    • Privacy policy
    • Terms of service
    • Robots.txt file.
  • Requests abundance, leading to servers’ overload through aggressive scraping tactics. Set latency to avoid HTTP 429 error ("Too Many Requests"). Buy residential IP addresses with adjustable rotation parameters for outcoming queries to evade excessive traffic.
  • Impersonation, consisting in falsifying user-agent headers against ethical web scraping rules.
  • Appropriation of copyright-protected content, which includes republishing third-parties’ intellectual property without attribution or permission.
  • Aggregating personal or sensitive info covered by sign-in procedures. This egregious form of unethical scraping deals with:
    • Personally identifiable information (PII)
    • Sensitive financial data
    • Confidential insights under the GDPR or CCPA laws.

The development of ethical automated parsing algorithms shows that operating in the legal field reduces costs and optimizes performance of self-written codes in Python, Java, C#, Ruby, and other languages.


Why use ethical geo targeted proxies by Dexodata?


Trusted geo targeted proxies by Dexodata ensure users safety and efficiency of accessing publicly available online sources due to strict ethics compliance. Our AI-based monitoring systems detect violations of End User agreement and provide all beneficiaries with data gathering and management infrastructure.

Buying residential and mobile proxies by an ethical ecosystem means getting access to real end-user IPs, inter alia 3G/4G and 5G mobile infrastructure. This is a full-spectrum solution for acquiring and managing online knowledge aimed at informed decision-making in SEO, SMM, data enrichment, marketing, and advertising. Buy residential IP from $7.3 per 1 GB or drop us a line to get a full-stack free proxy trial implemented by KYC/AML compliance.


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