Why do professionals prefer mobile proxies?

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Mobile proxies are quite new on the market. They appeared not long ago, in the middle of the 2010s. The development of compact devices has increased the number of such intermediates suitable for use as social media proxies protecting owner's private data.

Dexodata serves a wide mobile proxy network. You have a choice of geo locations from more than hundred of countries to buy 4G proxies from. There are several peculiarities that are worth discussing.

Mobile proxy: what is it?

Every proxy is an intermediate participant for web communication. Mobile proxy carries the IP address provided by cellular carriers. So third party devices perceive such proxies as phones, tablets, laptops. We mean gadgets connected to the Web via 3G, 4G, 5G or LTE. It concerns auxiliary net nodes as well as end-users.

Mobile proxies operate the same technologies as residential tools. The main advantage of these elements is freedom. The chance to face obstacles during web data obtaining is much lower than for datacenter proxy subnets. Now we’ll list the main purposes to acquire mobile proxies, speaking some words about their main characteristics.


1. Low chance to be banned


Mobile proxy site is compatible with both SOCKS5 and HTTPS, and follows the rules set for the whole internet. While running a 3G/4G device, you are not tied to a particular IP. Due to NAT technology one IPv4 mark can belong to several end-users. It is an architectural feature.

IPv4 addresses are limited. Millions of end-users share their web exiting points without any inconveniences for each other. But target pages get thousands of requests in a limited time interval. Sites’ robots can’t track the signal source and let everyone mind their own business. All the servers get ACK signals and transfer bytes steadily for a long time.

The cellular intermediary node is safe to use. Online services consider IP a common device with no reason to interrupt the transfer. Servers treat activity peaks indulgently and your data collecting infrastructure continues the process. 

It is the main reason for a mobile proxy buy, a tiny chance to be banned. The application of NAT technology explains big volumes of bytes going through. Among numerous concurrent streams it’s hard to define you.


2. Changing IP


Another reason to use addresses from cellular carriers’ pools is the ability to change IP. It is always dynamic. Connecting to a mobile proxy website via static proxy means owning a solid specific identity. In case of compromising the IP could be lost for further use. So the best proxies for social media data are rotating. They change external ID to another upon API-request or upon a button pressed in a dashboard.

Address changes within a certain period, that can be stated, or every time of reconnection. Besides, 4G proxies one buys act like typical individual devices. It leads to the fact that sites don’t consider them to be suspicious. Using such a tool is safe. With Dexodata you can rely on data obtaining infrastructure. Set a timer for switching external IP addresses. Time period may vary from one minute to an hour. It is quite reasonable to pay attention to our platform.

Why mobile 4G proxies are special, and where to buy mobile proxies

Middlebox server passes through all requests and responds sent and obtained by device 


3. Relevant information gained


Connecting via smartphone, tablet or other similar IP means acquiring accurate details from target pages. The data will correspond to a certain area. No matter where you are, you will get the information, which suits the exact time, language and other characteristics.

Mobile proxy sites are providing IPs from 1000+ areas from Latin America, Asia, Europe, etc. It is convenient to get accurate information from all parts of the world. When you buy HTTPS proxy list with all its advantages, you also get access to the second SOCKS5 compatible port.

Enterprises use such intelligence primarily for making an analysis of e-commerce aspects. Get a free proxy trial to experience it. We set no limits on functionality or on IP pool size. It makes our organization a trustworthy partner in collecting organized data.


4. Various spheres to use


You can use these instruments for different reasons, especially to succeed in leading e-commerce. The rotating character of connection is only one key aspect here. Good attitude from online sources makes mobile proxy website the best choice for social media. The other items on the list are:

  • Obtaining characteristics of  the market competitors before presenting their own brand.
  • Development and maintenance of the ad campaigns.
  • Retrieving together facts while doing research.
  • Implementing, QA-testing  and improving the apps and software.
  • Optimizing insight about brands for search engines’ algorithms.

You can achieve the goals listed through residential connections. Buy residential IP or buy 4G proxy to simplify it and spare both time and money. The mobile proxy network effects are noticeable when the enterprises look for success in international trade offers.


5. Pricing really matters


Trusted proxy websites offer choice between proxy types. Mobile IP is the most expensive. But it doesn't need to pass any anti spam check, they are hard to be restrained. You get reliable information faster keeping all IPs safe and sound.

The internet resources find such end-user identification the most trustworthy. There is quite little chance to be detected as a part of gathering infrastructure. Or be repressed for it and lose best social media proxies. That is why these proxies can prove to be the most profitable.

Here, at Dexodata you can switch off unnecessary modules. We offer solid infrastructure to collect and manage data at scale. It is transparent to control, works faster and resists loads better than a bunch of scattered intermediary services. Order a free test setting up the nodes of the ecosystem to your needs. Spare some coins getting rid of unused features increasing the proxy mobile network size instead.


Data gathering made easy with Dexodata