How to make a choice of mobile network proxies in a nutshell

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  1. The essence of proxy solutions
  2. What makes mobile network proxies an attractive option?
  3. How mobile network proxies function
  4. Mobile network proxies usage
  5. Benefits of mobile network proxies with Dexodata

Mobile network proxies are the most modern solution of this type available nowadays. First, site owners and search engines tend to see them as legit sources of traffic and trust them. The chances that users of mobile proxies are blacklisted outright are also low. These advantages prove that mobile proxies are a better choice if one compares them even with the best datacenter proxies, together with residential ones. That is why trusted proxy websites offer mobile proxies on an equal basis with datacenter connections.

It is a good moment to thoroughly discuss the essence of mobile proxies. Dexodata will attempt to cover all the most frequently asked questions in this respect.

The essence of proxy solutions

Any proxy can be defined as a combination of hardware items and software products capable of functioning as an intermediary link, during a web session, between a particular user and the page it is visiting. Each and every request is sent and processed by the proxy. As a result, the user’s address is concealed, either partially or totally. Instead, the proxy shows its own location. People and companies apply proxy solutions for a variety of reasons. For instance, one can buy residential and mobile proxies or opt for best datacenter proxies to ensure greater security and safety, obtain needed info with data harvesting activities from a particular restricted location, or simply unleash the full potential of SMM.


What makes mobile network proxies an attractive option?


Mobile network proxies are dependent neither on data centers nor on Internet service providers serving households. As you might easily guess, they get connected with the Internet via mobile carriers. Hence, their IP addresses are associated with portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Web pages recognize such connections as regular mobile users. In addition, with mobile proxies you obtain IPs that are both dynamic and rotating. Owing to this fact, your activities will be met with fewer constraints.

Normally, mobile geo targeted proxies are considered to be the most reliable ones. The case is that website safeguards do not tolerate too many requests sent by a single identified IP within a limited period of time. That is why even the best datacenter proxies can be punished for such activities, with their enormous data streams.

With mobile network proxies it is different, as they are based on the so-called CGNAT technology. Thanks to it, multiple mobile devices get access to the Web through the same IP. And the best is that there is nothing suspicious about that, so the principle is basic for cheap social media proxies of all types.

It works like this. The pool of available IPv4 addresses is not boundless. In fact, there are roughly 4 billion in existence, not more. What makes matters worse, cellular operators have to deal with only a share of that pool. Understandably, the number of mobile users is much higher than that share. As an outcome, dozens and hundreds of smartphone and tablet users have to surf via a single IP. The same rule works for those who buy residential and mobile proxies.

Website security systems are well aware of that fact. They act accordingly and are ready to tolerate mobile proxies. After all, blocking a suspicious session by blacklisting even a single IP address is counterproductive, as it is used by numerous users. It makes mobile network proxies a palatable option.


How mobile network proxies function


If one dives deeper, the following two main classes of mobile proxies can be identified.

First, GSM/LTE farms. In tech terms, it is nothing more than a set of USB modems linked to a single server and managed via special software. The actual amount of modems may vary, ranging from a couple of them to over a hundred. The connection itself, in this case, is enabled via mobile 4G. As for IPs, they are distributed between users via routers.

Farms look more advantageous in comparison with the best datacenter proxies due to their relative stability. Also, they do not feature static addresses. Their only problem is that users cannot use geo targeted proxies dispersed across the globe. And that is when the second option comes to the rescue.

Namely, we mean personal mobile devices belonging and operated by real users. Such portable devices might include a variety of times, be it cell phones, laptops, or tablets. All it takes is to be connected to the Internet through mobile carriers. Trusted proxy websites and partners in data extraction, such as Dexodata, enter into agreements with the device owners and help install software installed transforming the devices into proxy. That is it!

How do mobile proxies appear?

Mobile proxy can be based on the personal mobile device or on the 4G USB modem

This approach makes it possible to create diversified subnets of geo targeted proxies dispersed across different locations. While the service quality, within this framework, may fluctuate due to cellular signals, peak hours, and owners’ usage patterns, trusted proxy websites successfully cope with this challenge. Namely, they change IPs between proxy nodes in an automated manner. That is one of the reasons for professionals to buy 4G proxies.


Mobile network proxies usage


Mobile network proxies give competitive edge across several domains.

1. Running multiple social media accounts simultaneously

Site owners do not like when several accounts are managed from the same IP. Sometimes, they react to such usage patterns, which can cause trouble. Those users who purchase mobile proxies can avoid these issues owing to CGNAT.

2. Software QA

Software development experts regularly check the usability and performance of their products built for mobile devices. Mobile IPs are the best option for this use case. Web algorithms start to view connected machines as mobile devices and start acting accordingly.

3. Marketing

Marketing efforts require data harvesting and the info it provides. If one uses easily identifiable IP addresses assigned by data centers for this purpose, being blocked and blacklisted is a likely outcome. With the mobile approach, your data harvesting activities are likely to slip under the radar.

4. Easily manageable digital ad campaigns

Advertising specialists need to know what the progress made by their campaigns is. Correspondingly, they scan whether their creatives and visuals are displayed properly and constantly evaluate their chosen targeting options, depending on a particular location. Mobile proxies can be extremely helpful in this respect.


Benefits of mobile network proxies with Dexodata


  • Optimal connection speed

As a trusted proxy website and web data collecting infrastructure, Dexodata applies smart algorithms. As a result, users can benefit with private proxies with a low-ping.

  • IP locations to choose from 

Dexodata runs an extensive mobile proxy network covering over 100 countries in Europe, South Asia, and North America. On top of that, our pool is being continuously expanded to include more needed territories, cities, and mobile carriers. One can buy HTTPS proxy list with particular geolocations.

  • Rotation of external address

Our proxy service features such a capability as IP change for all classes of proxies. That is to say, Dexodata offers dynamic IP addresses.

  • Affordable pricing

At Dexodata we know what adequate pricing matters for cost-effective businesses. With us, a pool of mobile addresses with their geolocation specified would start at $1.6 per 100Mb. The more traffic you need, the greater your discounts will be. And do not forget about our Affiliate program. It is a chance to earn money!

  • Work automation

You can integrate our mobile proxies and software easily. Use the API commands available in your personal account. Change geolocation and IPs, obtain data about the current balance or proxy costs, etc. with two clicks. Configure the API for your needs and test it. You’ll get ready-made PHP and HTTP codes.

  • Expert-level customer support

Our experts assist Dexodata’s customers with any issue as quickly as possible. In addition, they serve as a source of valuable expertise and consultation. 

So do not waste time! Try our mobile proxies today and see their efficiency and quality for yourself! After that you can easily buy residential and mobile proxies and start adding value.


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