What are pros and cons of residential and datacenter proxies?

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Dexodata serves our customers as a web data collection ecosystem. We seek to not only be a trusted proxy website serving effective residential IP addresses, but also provide users with helpful information about operating principles. Our purpose and priorities are to assist users with greater performance and convinience required to obtain valuable and insightful info on the Net. While the another priority is to make sure that none of our users violates applicable regulations or laws, and act according to AML and KYC principles.

Thus, Dexodata’s mission is to enable law-abiding teams and individuals to buy residential and mobile proxies or, alternatively, the best datacenter proxies. Which of these two options is the best-suited to match your needs? It is a good moment to answer this question.

Reasons to buy dedicated proxies

Each internet surfing session leaves a digital trail. It is a fact of life. Both service providers and web page owners and administrators are able to single you out, to trace and classify visitors of their servers regulating access to information you're looking for. There might be three reasons for that. You:

  1. Operate from a location with limited access.
  2. Visit a webpage via different accounts bearing the same IP address.
  3. Send requests via a single account too frequently.

No matter how legit your intentions and actions are, the typical actions in this case impede the seamless web data harvesting and processing. 

To cope with this challenge, many users contact trusted proxy websites to purchase the best datacenter proxies or buy residential and mobile proxies. It is the most suitable way to get a pool of IP addresses with a single location to get geolocation-relevant information. Dexodata with its enterprise data gathering infrastructure provides geo targeting options accurate to city, ISP or ASN. At first sight, two IP types might resemble each other. However, there is a difference one needs to consider.


Residential proxy services


Residential IPs are given to households by their respective internet services providers. With Dexodata, you get a new IP address for each connection or change the external IP at certain intervals: either manually through the web interface or through API commands via HTTP(S). A new IP address can be easily assigned to any web session, so that your data harvesting activities bring reliable results. 


Datacenter IP proxies


Dedicated datacenter proxies resemble residential ones. They also provide pools of IP addresses in the selected geolocation. Due to the unique autonomous system number (ASN), intermediate network nodes are identified as belonging to the data center. These are China Mobile, The Citadel Campus, Microsoft Azure, Host Europe Gmbh, etc. There are dozens of them to choose from. This is where the main difference lies. At first glance, it is preferable to use the datacenter intermediaries than opt for residential proxies:

  • Since you use services provided by companies running their own data centers, their proxy solutions have a trustworthy reputation.
  • Data centers normally run a lot of servers. As a result, they have enough hardware for speedy, high-quality connections.
  • As they have numerous servers at their disposal, their prices are lower. 

Is it enough to make a decision? Not quite! 


Advantages of buying residential and mobile proxies 


Speed and reliability are excellent advantages of datacenter IPs. They are up to the task until they encounter protection from automated requests on the target sites. A key benefit of using a residential proxy address is that they distribute the volume of requests for collecting or processing web information across different online nodes. Such a web connection automatically solves the following problem.

Site owners protect their own servers from being overloaded with automated browser solutions and so on. Cataloging and recognizing such accesses to public resources is not a problem. Datacenter IP addresses, with their efficiency and high speed, are identified as a professional tool. As a result, the required information may be provided with a delay. Your requests, at least, will move in the queue in favor of higher priority private ones.

What to buy, residential proxy or datacenter IP?

We provide the best datacenter proxies and residential IPs, and both are able to change external IP addresses

This fact alone is a convincing reason to acquire dedicated residential proxies from a legit and trusted proxy website. Dexodata, as a top-notch web data collection platform, can provide you with a sufficient pool of IP connections to build your own enterprise data gathering infrastructure. The list of goals one can achieve is impressive: 

  1. Unlocking SEO insights and performing market research via legal data harvesting and extraction procedures.
  2. Access to exclusive prices and special offers.
  3. Running several accounts for SMM agencies or freelancers.
  4. Copyright protection to track web pages that might be displaying your copyrighted content without permission.
  5. Ad verification to check ads, their placement, contents, and links, depending on a particular region.

Visit the Dexodata blog for some arguments in favor of residential proxies vs. dedicated datacenter ones. As a trusted proxy website and trusted partner in data extraction, we guarantee high-level access to web-based info and strict KYC and AML compliance. You can see it for yourself by ordering a free trial period and get residential proxies for an action test. 


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