Why do enterprises buy residential and mobile proxies?

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Dexodata serves business representatives who buy residential and mobile proxies in large quantities of hundreds per month. The most frequent question we get states as, “Is it really worth it?”. The decision seems reasonable, if you are acquainted with necessary characteristics.

Addresses of domestic Wi-Fi points and cellular networks present enterprises online instead of their own IPs. Benefits of this solution are evident, but they are crucial if one delves into the topic.

Definition of geo targeted proxies

Some can consider these devices as intermediate servers. They connect und-up users and online resources. Within that structure, cable users’ IPs and 4G mobile proxies have unique addresses lying outside the pools of data centers. 

These addresses grant users with a specific position on the globe and are useful for socials. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram etc. show content dependent on users location. Enterprises buy residential and mobile proxies to change the location and obtain information from distinct areas. Their outgoing traffic will be presented as ordinary requests coming from common internet users. Enterprises decide on location and number of IPs after a free trial of residential proxies we provide on demand.


Benefits of residential and mobile proxies


Corporate clients are in need of fast and reliable broadband internet connection.Hence enterprises choose our online gathering infrastructure. Buying 4G proxies is applied to:

  1. Collect data for benefits
  2. Get stable access
  3. Promote goods and services
  4. Manage social media

This is the reason why enterprises choose our gathering infrastructure.


1. Collect data for benefits


Gaining information from online resources is an efficient tool to be aware of market conditions and rivals’ characteristics. It has applications in science research, city management, but mostly in business. For example, a residential proxy free trial can help to understand customer needs and fulfill them with an attractive offer.

Every internet entry point is used to retrieve third party content via automated algorithms. They send numerous requests to chosen sites which have information needed, such as reviews, pricing lists, etc. After that, the information needs to be filtered, structured and analyzed.

Our infrastructure was designed to cope with loads and process data at scale with top-tier AI solutions. Every objective needs a personal approach, so we suggest having a 4G proxy free trial first. And only then buy mobile proxy, one or multiple depending on tasks.


2. Get stable access


There are three main important aspects of establishing seamless connections via middlebox servers.

  • Regional information can be unavailable for external analytics. Geo targeted proxies help to collect needed info establishing communications regardless of your actual location.
  • Enterprises seek to deliver goods and services to customers and keep even public descriptions private from rivals.
  • Global corporations need instruments for external management. The more informed administration is, the more timely are the decisions made.  Local specifics determine bank rates, expenses for production, transportation and sales.

We assist in overcoming the difficulties. When you buy 4G mobile proxies, Dexodata provides IP addresses from 100+ countries.


3. Promote business


Advertisement moves the commerce forward. In this case it’s a must to verify the appropriation of the displayed content. Middlebox is required to create, run, and control the promotion campaigns from a distance, i.e. it expands marketing opportunities. Load-resistant infrastructures  give the opportunity to buy residential and mobile proxies for SEO needs. 

What are 3 main objectives to buy geo targeted proxies?

Intermediate servers are crucial for multiple business objectives

Entering the internet with geolocated IP helps to experience ads through sight of target audience representatives. It helps to correct ad campaigns on the fly and make conclusions on their completion.


4. Manage social media


Social networks give various opportunities to guide future customers through the sales funnel. No one concentrates on a single web service, so managing accounts in different social networks is a common practice. Some marketologists prefer mobile 4G proxies to maintain all sources from a single IP address. Users of antidetect browsers buy cheap residential proxies to assign a single IP to every profile.

Regardless of business objectives, the Dexodata platform is your trusted partner. Buy mobile proxy to access locations in Africa, Europe, Asia and both Americas. Our ecosystem provides a convenient dashboard and a list of options to set IP rotation or choose protocol (HTTPS or SOCKS5). Learn how to get a free trial of residential proxies in our F.A.Q. to pick the most suitable settings of your data obtaining infrastructure.


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