Residential proxies and data harvesting

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Dexodata serves as a high-performing ecosystem for data harvesting and a trusted proxy website for purposes of web analytics all over the globe. Being an experienced team in every aspect and practice of proxy utilization, we are fully aware of how important data gathering is for business development. That is why we offer to buy residential and mobile proxies for collecting data seamlessly and cost-effectively. All proxies are geo targeted.

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Geo targeted proxies and data extraction

Companies stay updated about what is happening in their respective niches and keep abreast of what their competitors are undertaking. Otherwise, they risk becoming outcompeted.

The most self-evident matter of concern is the pricing plans and policies of rivals. However, legit data harvesting is not limited to prices only. Concurrently, it is also beneficial to know what their offerings and positioning are.

Manual web surfing is the first technique that comes to mind in this respect. With small businesses having a few competitors it might work well enough. However manual approaches are too time-consuming and cost-ineffective in most cases.

To handle big data, automation is needed. Data harvesting is the answer. Most enterprises resort to it from time to time. The problem is your competitors know you are interested in them. And they definitely do not feel happy about your attempts to learn more about the strategies they apply.

To stop the external automated requests, the web pages might blacklist your IP address. In addition, as soon as they notice automated queries, they may also block additional IPs used for that purpose or restrict access to the accounts used. Luckily, there is a way out!


Reasons to buy residential IPs


Reaching out to a trusted proxy website offering to buy residential and mobile proxies, coupled with the best datacenter proxies, is the main way for companies and individuals to cope with that challenge.

Geo targeted proxies, especially when they are dynamic, are effective leverage. Whenever you launch a new round of data harvesting activities, a new IP associated within an appropriate location will be shown to website owners and web administrators. Your activities will look innocuous and will raise no suspicion. All it takes to achieve total success is a proper combination of addresses.


What proxies are best for gaining web data?


Datacenter proxies are the most widely-spread type. Being hosted by data centers and managed by big service providers, these proxies are seemingly abundant, speedy and not expensive. But if one dives deeper, it becomes clear that, even in the case of the best datacenter proxies, there are some shortcomings. 

Datacenter proxies are used to be the source of multiple requests sent from single locations. They may contain spam or overload the page making it unavailable to other users. That is why defending mechanisms of pages universally raise suspicion, even for IP which are operated by trusted proxy websites. These connections are easily identifiable and traceable due to the unique ID of web subnets, aka ASN. Any skilled and tech-savvy website admins and owners, i.e. most of them, keep records and registers of data center proxies they routinely blacklist. Rotating datacenter proxies can be flagged as a whole subcollection, but are great for gaining data fast from lightly-protected sources.

How to harvest web data using a trusted proxy website?

The data harvesting involves utilizing of web filters, which screen out unrelevant streams of information

When it comes to residential IPs and mobile network proxies Dexodata serves, the situation is different. As they are, basically, gadgets used by ordinary people, e.g. computers, tablets, laptops, and cell phones, they give you an entire range of benefits in terms of data harvesting. These are the following:

  1. Websites can see neither you, nor suspicious data centers. All they see is individuals dispersed all over the globe.
  2. Geo targeted proxies, both residential and mobile network proxies, make it possible to switch between locations, showing the best matching audiences.
  3. Even if one of your addresses draws attention to itself, it would be risky to block it. Owing to NAT technologies, dozens and hundreds of Internet users access the Net via the same public IP address. Restricting it means to ban all those countless users. Normally, websites do not do that to retain their audience. Check our F.A.Q. for more information

Whatever your eventual choice is, be it Dexodata’s best datacenter proxies, high-quality residential address, or mobile network proxies, you can successfully build your unique combination to harvest data with great speed and efficiency. Buy residential and mobile proxies, or start the proxy free trial!


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