How Dexodata assists enterprises in 2023

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Companies and individual users reach out to Dexodata, a trusted proxy website, for a simple purpose. There, they are able to buy residential and mobile proxies at affordable prices. For sure, the best datacenter proxies are also available. The proxy free trial in 2023 is provided regardless of proxy type. Our pool of IPs is constantly in growing numbers, so you can have access to enough addresses across all the relevant locations.

Today we have a great opportunity to discuss how Dexodata can be helpful for your company. Our mission is to be a reliable partner in data collection and an advanced ecosystem of proxy solutions. By collaborating with us, numerous teams all over the globe can save time and money while fulfilling their legitimate goals on the Net, in strict compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations.

Potential of trusted proxy website revealed by Dexodata

Depending on your industry and specialization, you might buy best datacenter proxies, or opt for other types. Each of these tools offers its own advantages and disadvantages. There can be no one-size-fits-all approach, that is why we offer several classes of proxies. With them, you can create your own combination of techniques. The main characteristics of our trusted data-gathering platform are:

  1. Effective data harvesting
  2. Privacy
  3. Brand protection and solving copyright issues
  4. Effective HR activities
  5. Cost-effective procurement 
  6. Account management and marketing.

Now let us say some words on each item.


Effective data harvesting


Any business has to monitor its competitors and their activities, with all legally available data. The best way is to visit their websites to extract info from them. However, if there is too much info to collect, as it is with e-commerce platforms offering thousands of items at different prices, one is to automate this process. The same holds true for businesses who have to compete with dozens and hundreds of rivals. Data harvesting is the only viable option in this case. But if website owners notice too many automated queries, many of them will blacklist your IP. Earlier we have already told, why geo targeted proxies in 2023 are a perfect remedy for this pain point.




Scammers never sleep. They earn money by spying on companies and ordinary people to learn what they do on the Web. Keeping track of your ID is beneficial for them in many ways. They can:

  • Steal your identity. 
  • Emulate you to get access to your assets or even carry out scams on your “behalf”.
  • Turn your device into a malware-spreading machine.

Letting online crooks know where you are physically located is also dangerous. Mobile network proxies and residential proxies give you a shield against fraudulent attempts.   


Brand protection and copyright issues 


Managing an online business means that your digital assets, ideas, and concepts are under constant threat. For instance, counterfeit firms can copy your site and pretend to be offering copied goods and services on your behalf. In this case, they will try to conceal this fact from you and other visitors from your country. To do that, they will simply limit their activities to a certain region with a different IP.

How do Dexodata proxies assist enterprises?

Geo targeted dynamic proxies help companies to be at the peak of success 

Buying residential and mobile proxies is crucial to resemble residents of such locations and fight copyright infringement, but also to reach first lines in search engines with SEO. 


Effective HR activities


Nowadays, it is not a problem to find skilled employees in any country. These specialists can be either invited to relocate or offered a remote position. Whatever the exact format is, international hiring reveals great horizons. At the same time, due to government policies or simple prejudice, some job sites might apply geolocation-based and even professional filters and prevent such CVs from being shown to given destinations. Geo targeted proxies are able to solve that problem.


Cost-effective procurement


Unfortunately, numerous providers of digital products and accommodation services practice openly discriminatory approaches to various locations. Residents of some countries can be offered lower prices, while residents of other places have to pay more for no particular reason. Buying mobile and residential proxies will enable you to hide your real location and try different places to find the most affordable option.


Account management and marketing


Using social media as your main sales channel might make your marketing specialists create and launch several accounts at once. The same is true for SMM agencies who routinely deal with dozens and hundreds of accounts, simply because they have many clients. When social networks detect that too many accounts are managed via the same IP, they get suspicious. After that, they may freeze your red-flagged accounts temporarily or even block them forever. Mobile network proxies emulate requests made by ordinary citizens using their smartphones to browse, post content, and pay for promotion. It is the best matching answer to the threat. 

This list of use cases for residential and mobile network proxies in 2023 is not exhaustive. One can also name such domains as software QA or ad verification. In fact, each company is facing its unique use case. What unites them is the fact that the best datacenter proxies are not always the answer for these challenges. To get things done properly, on-time, with your risks mitigated, residential and mobile proxies provided by a trusted proxy website may be the viable alternative. We are always ready to cooperate and answer the questions about our ecosystem.


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