How to choose the best geo targeted proxies for sneaker copping: 7 things to focus on

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Sneaker copping is a popular practice involving more than $75 billion in 2023, according to Statista estimates. One category of people involved in this procedure hunt for elite shoe pairs with the best datacenter proxies applied to be in style. Others purchase footwear as an investment to resell it, and buy residential IP addresses. Grabbing as many pairs as possible for the collection is the third reason to obtain a residential sneaker proxy.

Footgear is a serious business, as you can see. To survive and thrive there, outcompeting one’s rivals is a must. The goal is achievable with automating the process and implementation of residential sneaker proxies to the chosen software. Searching for limited edition and fashionable pairs in high demand is easier with automated online tools, and they, in turn, require web intermediaries to operate. Wherever great products are at stake, one should be ready to invest in the never-ending hunt.

What to look for when choosing the best sneakers’ proxies

The most popular dilemma is the “residential vs datacenter proxies sneakers” comparison. Each type is widely applicable and has its own advantages and disadvantages, so research and understand their specific functionalities to make an informed decision. The choice commonly depends on:

  • Target sites and their features
  • Available bandwidth and connection speed
  • Technologies involved, such as JavaScript or HTML-based architecture, etc.

The highest priority in this case is selecting the data gathering and processing ecosystem like Dexodata to buy residential IP or datacenter IP from. By paying attention to specific factors, one enhances their online shopping experience and improves the chances of obtaining a demanded number of highly sought-after sneakers.


Primary characteristics of proxies for a sneaker hunt


There are seven attributes crucial for investigating before picking the trusted provider of sneakers’ proxies:

  1. Reliability and speed
  2. Dynamic range
  3. Location targeting
  4. Number of available IPs
  5. Customer support
  6. Pricing and plans
  7. User reviews and reputation.

Decision on the most preferable points is yours, but keeping in mind the necessity of all points listed below is also necessary.


1. Reliability and speed


The best datacenter proxies have the highest velocity and stable connection due to their origin, large data centers. They have the highest uptime which guarantees reliable connection to a footsite. On the other hand, clear identification via ASN could be a deterrent to the applicability of such intermediaries. For more demanding platforms the suitable option are residential proxies. Sneakers ordered through IPs belonging to ISPs are more versatile in the terms of usage, but inferior to the first servers’ kind in bandwidth capacity.


2. Dynamic range


The best residential sneaker proxies by Dexodata change external IP addresses on demand or automatically due to previously set terms. The control is performed through the web interface of a unified dashboard or with API methods. Dynamic port is useful to maintain several data collection streams, which is applicable for our proxies. Sneakers can be acquired more efficiently due to seamless connection which address rotation ensures. Feel free to contact Client support for technical details and advice on set ups.


3. Location targeting


Foot manufacturers were noted to organize releases of limited pairs in particular areas. Purchasing them in specific regions or websites refers to the necessity of buying residential IP pools that offer geo targeting capabilities. The info requested through these intermediate nodes is accurate to the needed location, and therefore increases the chances of accessing region-specific releases regardless of actual geographic restrictions.

Datacenter online intermediaries are also an option in case their geolocation meets the web page’s requirements. In other cases multiple server locations minimize latency and ensure optimal performance, so the accuracy of accessing IP pools on city and provider levels is encouraged.


4. Number of available IPs


The larger the total number of available addresses, the more opportunities for getting Nike, Adidas, Samba, Converse, Balenciaga and other shoes one has. Diversity between world regions and the size of local pools plays a great role.

Dexodata explains the sneakers’ proxies and features of a reliable data processing ecosystem with the best datacenter proxies or residential sneaker proxies to buy.

Our platform for raising online analytics’ levels is presented in more than a hundred countries with a division on cities, internet service providers, and mobile carriers at once. Various business cases need mobile, residential or datacenter proxies. Sneakers’ marketplaces are mostly achieved through the last two types ensuring a greater chance of success in your shoe copping efforts.


5. Customer support


Reliable client support becomes vital in business-oriented cases which involve proxies. Sneaker hunt is one of the examples. Prompt and knowledgeable support makes a significant difference in resolving any problems quickly. Dexodata technical specialists are experienced in deploying servers for achieving footsites at scale and are able to assist you with choosing and configuration software for the mission. We are available daily, from 10AM till 2AM UTC/GMT +4 (GST), and answers are provided within 15 minutes, enough to deal with issues during time-sensitive releases. 


6. Pricing and plans


Consider your budget and the pricing structure offered by various ecosystems for web information harvesting and analyzing. Compare:

  • Features, such as API-compatibility
  • Number of concurrent connections
  • HTTPS and SOCKS support
  • Pricing tiers and their flexibility
  • Pricing methods.

Be wary of excessively cheap offerings, as they may compromise reliability and performance. We allow numerous connections to run simultaneously and put no limits on the number of IP change for dynamic ports. All features are available with free sneaker proxies provided for a test to all new users. Find the pricing plan that best fits your requirements, contact us if needed.


7. User reviews and reputation


Before selecting a partner providing datacenter proxies, sneakers' hunters research their reputation and read user reviews. Look for legit and ethical platforms with full KYC and AML compliance and positive feedback regarding reliability, speed, customer support, and overall user experience. This information can give you valuable insights and help you make an informed decision.

The choice of geo targeted proxies for sneaker copping depends on the specific functionalities of each type. The best datacenter proxies by Dexodata ensure the features mentioned above. By considering this, one can enhance their online shopping experience and increase the chances of successfully obtaining longed-for sneakers.


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