Proxies and Discord. A perfect match

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Discord is an environment of interest for gamers, geeks (in the good sense), and marketers. Launched in 2015, this social platform with VoIP and messaging capabilities quickly gained popularity exceeding the numbers of 100 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) by the mid-year of 2020.

Today we will highlight how you can get everything from this network with geo targeted proxies. They are provided by the Dexodata trusted proxy website for web monitoring and other purposes.

What is Discord to buy proxies for?

Discord differs from a typical social network. Rather, it functions as an application enabling end-users to join various servers and get in touch with communities, both public and private. The available communication channels include text messages, video, and voice. Initially, this web-based app viewed gamers as its sole main target audience. However, as time passed, it won many other segments and caused the need for cheap social media proxies.

The reason for that is simple. From the very outset, Discord offered an extremely simple voice chat capability. Thus, it was a perfect place to communicate with same-minded people from all over the world. As of now, Discord makes it possible for end-users to take part in video and voice chats as well as exchange text messages. Also, users can join and participate in different communities referred to as “servers.” Most of them are private and function on the invite-only basis. However, public servers can also be very popular.

Just a couple of figures to stress the potential of discord: 

  • It is not a space for gamers anymore. Only 22% of its enormous user base visits Discord servers for gaming purposes only. The rest of them use the platform either for gaming and non-gaming purposes together, or for exclusively non-gaming purposes.
  • On a weekly basis, Discord in 2023 boasts almost 20 million online servers. It means almost everyone can find a relevant space matching their interests and preferences.


Discord and trusted proxy websites 


Now you may ask why trusted proxy websites, such as Dexodata, and their geo targeted proxies can be helpful in this context. Here is a simple case. 

A geo targeted proxy is compatible with Discord in line with similar scenarios as an intermediary link between your machine and the platform. Your proxy will forward connection requests to Discord. Hence, your info will be covered. However, you will still be in the right position to collect the web data. Our cheap social media proxies help Discord supporters to deal with:

  1. Country-level restrictions
  2. Workplace restrictions
  3. Multi-accounting
  4. Personal data maintaining.

Let’s pay a share of attention to every aspect.


Dealing with country-level restrictions


Residents of some countries have no access to Discord. Naturally, it is about political and social censorship. Geo targeted proxies make it possible to solve the problem by replacing IP addresses and virtually relocating users to a freer jurisdiction.

Buy proxy for Discord to get additional possibilities

Dexodata works as a middlebox during the connection with Discord servers, protecting your data and bringing the new possibilities


Dealing with workplace restrictions


One’s employer, quite predictably, might not like the fact that employees access Discord from the workstations on company time. At the same time, frequently visited for web surfing public spaces, such as libraries, also discourage activity on social media. Get cheap social media proxies, and grant yourself full access in such situations.




Say, you are a marketer willing to promote goods and services via Discord. Alternatively, you might be a fan willing to promote your cause. Whatever the situation, you might need several accounts to achieve your goals. Discord gets nervous when they detect activities of that kind and block suspicious users. Use a trusted proxy website to handle this issue, and get a free proxy trial to check multi-accounting options.


Concealing personal data


Discord is a space for communication. The problem is that local authorities might not like what you share there. On top of that, you can also stumble upon an inadequate Discord user who might get angry. The remedy is simple. Mask your IP with a trusted proxy website.

Dexodata offers geo targeted proxies to build the optimal proxy combination. Check out the F.A.Q. section, and feel free to ask our Client support for help. Use our trusted ecosystem on Discord for maximum convenience and safety. Free proxy trial is available for new users.


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