Case study: how AI-powered tools increase engagement and sales in social media business management

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Digitalization of every sphere in human life is a vivid characteristic of modern society in recent decades. Technologies introduced in business for boosting productive capacities were adapted by the service industry and led to the boom of social media services and collateral techniques, such as social media proxies by Dexodata.

Socials have become a crucial channel for businesses to connect with their customers, enhance brand visibility, and increase revenue. It is an area of application for the most innovative developments, including cloud computing, machine learning, the Internet of Things and self-training artificial intelligence. Various lines of business utilize AI-driven solutions. Today we will devote the article to the role of AI for social media management. ML-based technologies are supported by trusted proxy websites in Switzerland, Iran, Thailand, India, Mexico, Italy, South Africa and a hundred more geolocations we provide.

What are social media proxies?

Proxies for social media are intermediaries that establish tunnel-type internet connections via HTTP protocol to online platforms without revealing the initial IP addresses. The main reasons are:

  • Working with multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Avoiding overload of target source with requests
  • Bypassing geo restrictions
  • Protecting online activity from cyber threats or private data theft
  • Automating posting and communication with users with social media bot proxies to spare resources and time
  • Conducting research of target audiences, their interests and characteristics
  • Improving advertising campaigns through tests in different locations.

Dexodata offers free social media proxies in Mexico, Iran, Italy and 100+ geolocations within a trial period to determine the amount of traffic needed for daily procedures and adjust chosen software. There are dozens of ready-to-go solutions on the market: SocialPilot, Hootsuite, ContentStudio, etc. Our data collection and management ecosystem is compatible with any of them.


Cases of AI implementation in social media management


Data processing industry uses AI-driven tools widely. Speaking of the artificial intelligence’s role in interactions within large internet platforms, there are seven of the main cases, such as:

  1. Improved customer insights
  2. Personalized customer experiences
  3. Automated content creation
  4. Predictive analytics
  5. Real-time monitoring
  6. Influencer identification
  7. Competitive analysis.

The listed ways of AI utilization are explained below with particular examples.


1. Improved customer insights


AI-powered tools like sentiment analysis help enterprises in better understanding customer behavior and preferences. For example, a company that sells home cleaning products uses AI to analyze thoughts, expectations and reviews on their products on Facebook, Reddit, etc. After the AI algorithms identify the considerable amount of complaints about the harshness of the cleaning chemicals, the company could consider developing a more natural alternative from Thailand or Switzerland. Proxies for social networks are crucial to obtain reliable info without interruptions.


2. Personalized customer experiences


AI-powered chatbots, such as ChatGPT and other GPT-based tools provide personalized responses to customer queries. For example, a clothing retailer uses a smart large language model (LLM) to help social media users find the perfect outfit based on their style preferences, size, budget and product lines available in their area.


3. Automated content creation


The types of content produced by AI-enhanced solutions like Synthesia, ChatGPT, Canva or Adobe Spark includes customized graphics, videos, and animations. All this output is applicable for representing a brand on the internet platforms.

What role AI plays in social media management with trusted proxy websites

Stages of content creation through neural AI algorithms

Imagine a restaurant using artificial intelligence to create a video showcasing menu items, specials, and ambiance. And cheap social media proxies establish necessary private connections to make posts in numerous appropriate communities according to their specifics.


4. Predictive analytics


AI helps to forecast trends and engagement levels, allowing them to optimize their content and advertising strategies. As an example, let’s focus on a common beverage company. It could use AI to predict which flavors or marketing campaigns will be most popular among their target audience during the summer season. Metrics in Iran, India or South Africa vary, so trusted proxy websites like Dexodata are utilized to harvest relevant local data.


5. Real-time monitoring


Manual monitoring in real-time is hard to perform and often biased by human supervisors. AI-engaged frameworks identify potential issues or negative sentiment. We will give the following example. A hotel chain uses a machine learning model to monitor social media for customer complaints about cleanliness or service. Then the issues are addressed promptly to improve customer satisfaction.


6. Influencer identification


AI assists enterprises and individuals in finding social media influencers with the right audience. Cooperation with these personalities raises engagement levels for the brand. For example, a beauty company implements AI to find influencers who:

  • Specialize in skincare
  • Have a large following
  • Possess engaged audiences interested in beauty products.


7. Competitive analysis.


An important case in social media business management is the need for analysis of competitors presented online to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. So, a hypothetical fitness brand leverages AI to analyze their top rivals and decide which type of content and marketing strategies are most effective for driving engagement and sales. It is useful to check whether the applied methods have compliance with KYC and AML policies and internal company values.


How to work in social media efficiently?


The best social media proxies by Dexodata are represented by residential and mobile IP addresses. They are clustered to groups by their geolocation and belonging to particular domestic internet service providers and mobile carriers. These addresses support dynamic IP rotation, therefore are less vulnerable to controlling mechanisms of chosen sites. The reputation of a trusted proxy website allows us to provide a detailed FAQ, prompt and professional Client support, and a free trial before you buy proxies for social networks for a reasonable price.


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