Geo targeted proxies for avoiding SEO issues

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  1. Phenomenon of a SEO proxy explained
  2. Google context
  3. Directions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the main reasons why the Dexodata data gathering ecosystem is asked for a private proxy free trial. Business representatives buy residential IPs, mobile, and the best datacenter proxies for SEO objectives. It is a matter of concern for countless companies, as one needs more than being indexed by a search engine. Every site also requires to be listed as close to the first page as possible. That is why SEO proxies are in great demand. Let’s zoom in on use cases. 

Phenomenon of a SEO proxy explained

The proxy SEO domain is about giving adequate speed, privacy, and dependability in terms of ambitious SEO campaigns and their goals. Businesses make the decision to buy SEO proxies to have them functioning as intermediary links and get safely disguised while they: 

  1. Harvest SEO-related data
  2. Analyze keywords
  3. Monitor SEO rankings
  4. Search for link building opportunities
  5. Tracking rivals’ products and corporate updates.


Google context


Let’s examine Google. What happens whenever you make a search request? Without a reliable proxy for SEO, the search engine will be quick to see your: 

  • IP address
  • Location
  • Digital footprints embodied by cookies. 

These factors define what you will see as a result. The search results sent by Google to devices are shaped by this framework. The internet giant will show you what you are expected to face, nothing more. This fact imposes limitations on what it is possible to find out and execute. To change this, marketers approach proxy sites to activate a private proxy free trial or to buy residential IPs and purchase the best datacenter proxies. 

This is what get altered with proxies SEO stuff in the process:

  1. User device sends a request to Google search.
  2. The request is first handled by the proxy layer and reaches Google only after that.
  3. Google recognizes the proxy as a source of the request, it does not see the actual source.
  4. The response is sent to the proxy, in case of proxy web search activities, not directly to the source.
  5. Finally, the proxy directs the info to the client machine. And one sees it differently, as if it was located somewhere else.

As an outcome, the subject obtains a clear picture across a variety of dimensions. Here are the practical benefits that should persuade you to buy SEO proxy solutions and use them.




1. Keyword research. No matter how smart the internet might be, keywords are still the cornerstone. Terms, wordings, slogans, questions, and answers remain the decisive factor in terms of exposure and visibility. Pinning them down matters. 

In case you get the feeling you have exhausted all applicable topics in your segment and are experiencing difficulties with fresh ideas, scraping competitors’ pages is a promising direction to go. Extracting words from rivals’ web presences, trending words in particular, is a path to follow. 

Purposes of geo targeted proxies with your SEO efforts

The application of proxies to SEO needs have numerous objectives

2. Content management. This is the next logical step. Content is made of words. Once you know the words, why don’t you focus on geo-determined content. The case is that people in different geos react to content differently. It is not a big deal to adjust content to locations. But what should be adapted? 

Trusted proxy sites reveal great potential offering private proxy free trials or a chance to buy residential IPs and mobile or purchase the best datacenter proxies. Monitor the positions of your new content across different geolocations to introduce adjustments. 

3. Caching. If a website is loaded faster than peers, it is a definite advantage for Google SERP. That is one more rationale behind buying a proxy for SEO ranking. In this context making use of proxies caches a page in the browser of the user. That is, when they pay the first visit to your page, the site itself is transferred to the cache. Subsequent visits will be handled quicker, which is a plus for your web karma. 

Dexodata, being a trusted proxy website, can serve all conceivable and legit SEO needs. As a source of residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies, our team gives you virtual access to 100+ geos. Other premium features include:

  • Proxy rotation capabilities
  • Compatibility with all popular devices
  • Effective live support
  • Referral program for partners
  • 99.9% network uptime
  • Pay as you go pricing plans and traffic packets.

The listed characteristics make Dexodata a provider of choice for numerous customers. Request Client support for a private proxy free trial and enhance your SEO experience.


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