Comprehensive guide to mobile proxies: exploring Dexodata's 4G IP addresses

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  1. A mobile 4G proxy explained
  2. Use cases with a mobile proxy site

Buying 4G mobile proxies is one of the frequent reasons for users to reach out to the Dexodata trusted proxy website. When people need intermediate addresses for complex tasks on the Web, e.g. geo targeted proxies used as proxies for social networks, relying on a network of mobile 4G proxies is a self-evident way to go. In this piece, the team of our mobile proxy website will attempt to explain what a typical 4G proxy is, highlight its advantages standing behind its relatively higher costs, and discuss some use cases and scenarios. 

If you pay a visit to the main pricing page, you will see that the price of 4G proxies offered by our mobile proxy site is higher than the residential and datacenter offerings displayed there. It starts at 13.14 USD, in comparison with 7.3 USD and 3.65 USD respectively. Why is it so? The explanation is straightforward. Any 4G proxy to buy is rarer, harder to obtain, and more effective. 

A mobile 4G proxy explained 

What mobile proxy sites do is offer access to the internet via portable devices empowered by cellular networks. In our everyday lives we call the latter "mobile data." Such devices can be available either as real-world gadgets, i.e. smartphones and tablets, or as USB modems. These two options have one thing in common: there are SIM cards installed inside. Proxies, 4G type, enable users to surf the Web by establishing a channel through such a portable device and applying its IP instead of initial addresses. Effectively, one borrows an external address from a gadget. 

That is the first reason why it is universally costlier to buy 4G proxies. There are fewer cell phone owners ready to share access to their devices. The second reason is that trusted proxy websites pave the way to the internet via SIMs and associated pricing plans. Every minute and all Mbs cost money. Yet mobile geo targeted proxies are worth their price. Especially when it comes to the most challenging use cases, for instance, proxies for social networks.

The chief factor is that websites and web-based apps tend to trust mobile IPs more than, say, datacenter proxies. No page can block or restrict smartphone owners, as mobile traffic is pure gold. One more thing that makes mobile options attractive is that these proxies are, by definition, dynamic ones. Addresses of mobile networks regularly rotate. It means that network operators allocate a fresh IP to any gadget from time to time: for instance, whenever a device gets reconnected to the Web. The previous address is subsequently assigned to another device belonging to the mobile network. That is why mobile addresses are so good and effective at keeping the balance between IPs and requests coming from them.

4G mobile proxies explained by a trusted proxy website


Use cases with a mobile proxy site


Why should a potential user opt to buy a 4G proxy? Here are the most important motivators: 

  1. Automated web scraping. As these intermediaries raise the gathered insight's relevance, data is harvested in a protected and accurate manner. That assists in obtaining reliable basis for business forecasts and analysis of current marketing positions.

  2. SMM. Social media platforms operate in a authoritarian way, and tolerate no situations when too many requests are sent from a single place via different accounts. Mobile addresses put them off their guard. 

  3. Ad verification. Using a mobile address in cooperation with a trusted proxy website is potent leverage to audit the way one's digital ads are shown to mobile users in multiple countries. 

  4. Access to geo-targeted content. Officials and privately-owned companies practice distributions of content for different countries and prevent certain content from being shown. Mobile geo targeted proxies are a route to develop business projects in distant areas. 

  5. MMORPG activities. Mobile gaming is not about hobbies for many individuals nowadays. It has also exceeded the limits of cyber sports. It is a full-fledged industry and business domain where money is earned, items are traded, and careers are made. To make the most of their participation, players farm artifacts and in-game digital currencies. Here, the situation resembles proxies for social networks. Games do not encourage farming. Mobile IPs are a way to neutralize the consequences of such a policy. 

Sign up with Dexodata as the trusted proxy website of choice to capitalize on this mobile potential and get immediate access to our pool of IPs. A free trial is available for newcomers. 


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