How to verify digital ads: a case for proxies

Contents of article:

  1. Corporate losses caused by ad fraud
  2. Ad verification explained
  3. Dexodata's contribution to ad industries via geo targeted proxies

Multiple customers contact Dexodata to buy residential and mobile proxires for ad verification. Indeed, in today’s business environment, figures' preciseness and authenticity matter, yet they are elusive and difficult to secure. It could be hard to rely on digital ad platforms, without extra checks. Predictably, such motives nurture the increasing demand for geo targeted proxies.

Dexodata’s platform of whitelisted proxies, with paid proxy free trial opportunities, explains why that solution is a must.

Corporate losses caused by ad fraud

Logical corporate policies, practiced by modern web advertisers, universally imply buying residential proxies and mobile IPs. An ad verification proxy, representing the geo targeted proxies’ domain, serves as one of preconditions associated with cost-effective net-advertising policies.

Teams buy private proxies for ad verification to fight ad fraud, understood as the deliberate manipulation of online ads’ looks and placements, as well as click and impression counts, falsifying relevant metrics. It is a serious problem nowadays. Available trajectories indicate a substantial, even exponential, surge in global digital ad fraud costs during 2018–2023, soaring from $35 billion, hitting 100 billion, growing further.


Ad verification explained


One could define ad verification as procedures employed to confirm that ads are presented in appropriate contexts and forms, reach their intended audience, and remain untainted by fraudulent activities. As an ecosystem of geo targeted proxies with rotation, we explain positive roles played by proxies for ad verification as follows:

  • Ad verification mandates online monitoring efforts, manual and script-based.
  • Both ways entail application of dynamic proxies, as advertisers’ IPs and script-fueled verifying activities are easy-to-detect, deny access to, or deceive.
  • One would better buy residential and mobile proxies, as automatically inter-switching options. Using them boosts confidentiality, efficiency, productivity in three directions.

How to verify digital ads with ad verification proxies

Three challenges get resolved via such approaches:

  1. Ad verification specialists “scan” geolocation validity issues. By assessing creatives from different virtual regions, through, say, residential proxies, they become capable of confirming their correctness in terms of language, message, context, imagery, etc.
  2. Ad verification operations extend beyond ad appearance, encompassing ad behavior concerning gadgets. By applying well-suited proxies, it is possible to assess ad responsiveness across various stationary machines, portable devices, OS.
  3. Residential proxies for ad verification also help ensure the accuracy of URLs, together with UTMs. These elements are pivotal not only for tracking campaign effectiveness, but also for safeguarding against malicious external parties redirecting corporate-paid traffic to deceptive “web domain squatters”, i.e. websites that:
      • Mimic brands’ sites
      • Defraud visitors of sensitive personal data
      • Steal cyber identities, and take other harmful actions.


Dexodata's contribution to ad industries via geo targeted proxies


Dexodata serves as digital ad experts’ trusted partner, with residential proxies starting at $7.3 per 1 GB. Mobile network alternatives exist, too. Our ecosystem offers proxies for ad verification from 100+ zones, covering prominent EU countries, Chile, Turkey, Russia, Japan, Kazakhstan, USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, Canada, which suffices for all campaigns.

Residential paid proxy free trial is available for new users willing to test Dexodata’s platform in practice. Low-quality advertising campaigns lead nowhere. Ensure each cent spent on banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitials, videos, native ads counts, adding value, winning audiences, promoting statements, supporting higher ROIs. Reach ambitious marketing heights.


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